Funnelair Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Funnelair Lifetime Deal

Quickly build lightening-fast sales funnels for your business to help you convert your visitors into paying customers.
Expired October 6, 2020
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Funnelair Lifetime Deal

It’s a lifetime deal for to build lightning-fast sales funnels that convert visitors into paying customers without relying on a developer.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Everything you need to collect payments from your customers

Powerful analytics that you can lean on

Insanely fast & Free-Form Page Editor

A clean free-form planner to map your funnel

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Funnelair Review - Funnel Builder Tool Demo & Walkthrough

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Funnelair Features

Page Builder – Insanely fast & Free-Form Page Editor

Easily create landing pages in minutes, without a developer. Just drag and drop elements into the page then move it, resize it and arrange it how you want. No complex structure, no rows, and no columns.

Comes with Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile version – With Funnelair’s fee form editor you can easily move or rearrange any element anywhere on the page. Make the mobile and tablet view look view exactly how you want. Adjust positions, rearrange-resize elements, or show entirely different contents.

Funnel Planner – A clean free-form planner to map your funnel

No need to use white-boards anymore! Funnelair’s free-form funnel planner makes it so easy to plan your entire funnel and make it exactly how you want.

Collect Leads – Quickly capture your visitors’ contact information

Your business needs the potential leads to survive and Funnelair makes it so easy to quickly capture your visitors’ contact information.

Sell Your Product – Everything you need to collect payments from your customers

Are you selling a digital or a physical product or a service? If yes, Funnelair helps you build you sell more, maximize the value of every customer, and simplify your business at the same time.

Reporting – Powerful analytics that you can lean on

Dive deep into your stats and see exactly where your funnel is leaking, optimize, and launch a split test as needed. You can track visitors, leads, and sales – all in one place. Funnelair also allows you to see the split test performance and filter report by URL queries.

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