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FunnQR lifetime deal
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FunnQR Lifetime Deal: QR Code for Startups

QR Code for Startups & Businesses
Expired July 22, 2023
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FunnQR Lifetime Deal: QR Code for Startups


Are you tired of struggling to create QR codes for your business? Do you want to make your QR code stand out from the rest?

With the FunnQR lifetime deal, you can make unique, attractive, and modern QR codes in just minutes.

Stop wasting time and energy creating boring and generic QR codes, and start taking advantage of FunnQR’s easy-to-use platform. With FunnQR, you can create beautiful and modern QR codes that will make your business stand out from the rest.


Design a Unique Brand Identity

Upload your own logo or select from their pre-set shapes to create a visually recognizable brand identity for your users and customers.

Dynamic Qr Codes

FunnQR’s Dynamic Qr codes are designed to be easily updated, allowing customers to quickly and conveniently change content or links associated with a code. This feature is useful for businesses who regularly update their digital content, as it removes the need to constantly create new Qr codes.

Track Scanning Activity with FunnQR Analytics

FunnQR’s analytics feature allows users to monitor their Qr code usage, providing real-time information on how many scans have been made. This is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to monitor the effectiveness of their Qr code campaigns, as well as for individuals who want to keep track of their Qr code usage.

FunnQR’s 1400 Fonts: An Extensive Variety of Font Choices

FunnQR’s 1400 fonts feature provides users with an extensive variety of font choices for their QR codes. With a range of classic and modern fonts, users can easily find the perfect font for their needs. Whether you’re creating a QR code for business purposes or personal use, you can access a wide selection of fonts to ensure that your code looks professional and stylish. This feature also allows users to customize their QR codes to fit their brand, giving them the freedom to create an aesthetic that is unique to them.

Downloadable QR Codes

FunnQR provides a Download feature which allows users to save their generated QR Codes for future use. This feature is particularly useful for applications that require a QR Code for frequent access, such as digital ticketing, or for physical applications when a QR Code needs to be printed or saved for offline use.


In conclusion, FunnQR is a great tool for users who have the need for a custom QR code for their business or event.

With the ability to upload their own logo, choose any shape and pick from over 1400 fonts, the possibilities are endless and their QR codes will be unique. Furthermore, with its analytics feature, users can also track the performance of their QR codes.

Try FunnQR today and take your business to the next level!

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