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Happy Scribe Lifetime Deal – Automatic Transcription & Subtitle Generator

Automatic and professional transcription services convert audio to text with 85-99% accuracy in 120+ languages and 45+ formats.
Expired July 10, 2020
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Happy Scribe Lifetime Deal – Automatic Transcription & Subtitle Generator

It’s a lifetime deal of Happy Scribe uses the best speech-to-text technology to automatically and accurately generate transcripts and subtitles in minutes.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Automate audio transcriptions with the best speech-to-text technology.

Best for: Web marketers and video editors who want to improve accessibility on their recorded content.

Generate editable subtitles to expand your video reach and get more views.

Alternative to: Trint

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Happy Scribe Features

Automatic Transcription

We leverage the best of conversation to text technologies to generate accurate programmed transcriptions you can use.

Advanced Punctuation

Our computerized transcriptions include full stop, commas, but also interrogation and exclamation marks.

Fast, very fast!

Happy Scribe transcribes your files from sound to text in only a few minutes. It usually takes fifty percent of the document length.

Subtitle Generator

We generate subtitles that break coherently. Our Editor allows anyone to make changes very quickly.

Personalized Vocabulary

Do your transcripts include proper nouns, acronyms, or terminologies? Add those to your vocabulary, and we’ll adequately transcribe them.

Speaker Identification

Happy Scribe starts a new paragraph whenever your speaker changes. Add speaker names with the click of a button.

Groups on Happy Scribe

We managed to get easy to build teams. All of the transcripts can be utilized by everyone that is part of the team by way of a dedicated dashboard. We also offer centralized billing for your organization and a great many other collaboration features.

Integrations & API

Connect Happy Scribe to your apps for seamless transcription and make your workflow far better by integrating your systems with our API.

What Lifetime Deal Contains?

  • Automatic transcription
  • Advanced punctuation
  • Speaker identification
  • Proofreading helper
  • Highlight and comment
  • Sharing links
  • Timecode management
  • Embed Transcript Player
  • Personalized vocabulary
  • Transcribe 119+ languages
  • Interactive subtitling editor
  • Visual timeline and soundwave
  • Control characters per second
  • Customize and burn subtitles
  • Machine translation (9 languages)
  • Integrations and API
  • Manage caption settings
  • (According to Stack) Hours transcription/subtitling per month

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