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Popsuite Lifetime Deal: Video Bubble & Survey Widget

Video Bubble & Survey Widget Tool
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Popsuite Lifetime Deal: Video Bubble & Survey Widget

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Introduction to Popsuite’s Video Bubble

Video Bubble

Popsuite presents a comprehensive suite of customer engagement tools designed to revolutionize your interactions. These tools include email collection, coupon code sharing, calendly appointment bookings, and the ability to offer free ebooks and PDFs as lead magnets.

The flagship tool in this suite is Popsuite’s Video Bubble, which allows you to effortlessly upload videos and add it into your website, landing page, web or mobile app, and e-commerce store. 

Whether it’s an introduction, a product demonstration, FAQs, user-generated content, unboxing videos, or any captivating video content, Video Bubble helps you grab your customers’ attention and boost engagement.

To build trust and establish a personal connection with your audience, it’s important to humanize your brand. Connect with your customers face-to-face and foster deeper relationships. By integrating a small video bubble widget, you can enhance your engagement and opt-in rates by up to 10x, while allowing your business to grow.

Introduction to Popsuite’s Survey Widget

Widget Performance

The next tool in our suite is Survey Widget, designed to provide you with valuable insights directly from your customers.

For any business, customer feedback and experience hold immense significance. Each feedback, no matter how small, has the potential to influence the customer journey. With Popsuite’s Survey Widget, you have the means to harness that potential.

Set up a concise questionnaire for your website visitors and enhance their customer journey. Collect feedback firsthand from your customers and make improvements to the website experience. Increase survey participation by offering incentives such as discount codes and rewards, creating a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

By implementing a post-purchase survey, you can bypass Apple’s privacy IOS update and unlock invaluable customer insights. Discover the most profitable marketing channels and enhance your business’s return on investment (ROI).

Other Widgets like Welcome Popup, Floating Popup, Embed popup, & Review popup are in development and soon you will be able to experience it. 


  • Collect Emails and name of your visitors by adding Form 
  • Offer Discount codes & Freebies 
  • Include Countdown timer to create FOMO effect 
  • Set up a Lead magnet by providing PDF & E-books 
  • Set up questionnaire with  Single and Multiple choice questions 
  • Book Appointments via Calendly 
  • Initiate the conversation with your customers on FB messenger 
  • Re-direct the customer to desired landing page with CTA button 
  • Upload Image, Video & GIF


  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp
  • Pabbly 
  • Shopify ( soon)
  • Calendly

Target Audience

  • Ecommerce Owners
  • Online Coaches 
  • Service Providers 
  • Realtor 
  • Local Business Owners 
  • SAAS owners 

Problem(s) This Product Solves

  • Build Social Proof: Having social proof in the website can lead to increase in conversion rate and there is no proper widget to showcase it. Our Popsuite app help you to build a social proof for your website by adding a video popup of customer testimonials, UGC, and influencer videos.
  • Video Placement: When you place a video in any place on your website when it is called scrolled, it will hide. But when placing it as a bubble, you can have your video all over your website without being intrusive.
  • Increase in Customer Engagement & Retention: We are seeing many business owners worrying about their drop in engagement and retention rate, and Our Video Popup can really uplift the engagement and retention rate by adding interactive videos.
  • Storytelling: Today, storytelling helps in building a brand and gives recognition. Our Video popup widget can be a great leverage to business owners tell their story to their audience and capture the market.
  • Personalization: Lot of business owners and brands are failing to have personalization within their website and that affects growth. Our widget helps in giving a personalized feel to the website visitor helps in building healthy relationship with your visitors.
  • Video Testimonials: With lot of video short form content around, brands are finding new ways to add video testimonials to their site and our Video Popup helps in placing the video testimonials of your product or service.
  • Onboarding: When it comes to on-boarding, small business owners are finding challenges in onboarding new customer and it is taking time for the customer agent. With this Video popup, it is easy for business owners add a quick tutorial video that help customers get educated with the platform.

Use Cases

  • E-commerce: Showcase product demo videos & unboxing videos to increase the sales. Add an influencer or review video to boost social proof and trust and inform your customers up for new offers and sale going on in your website.
  • Edu-tech: Give an outline to your audience about your online coaching programs. Use your face to improve personal branding that helps in more conversion. Get more registration for your webinar by adding a countdown timer to the widget.
  • Real estate: Show the house tour virtually to your potential customer. Easily book a demo call and help your audience with their queries. Increase the leads by leaving your contact details in the CTA button.
  • Business coaches / Solopreneurs: Win customer trust with your video explaining about product or service. Welcome your website visitors and increase the engagement rate. Add customer testimonials and show your social proof to your new potential leads.
  • Local Business: Book appointments easily for your business. Build better customer relationships by adding personal videos of your business. Grow the trust with the local audience by showing your face.
  • Web / Mobile app: Onboard your customer in ease. Add an explainer video to give a tour about your applications. Reduce customer tickets and waiting time by adding “How to” videos and solve customer queries.


  • Display coupon code to incentivize your audience 
  • Add survey / questionnaire to the audience and collect feedback
  • Use as a lead magnet to collect emails and then provide PDF, resources 

Who is it For?

  • E-com owners 
  • Business coaches / consultant 
  • Realtors 
  • Freelancers / Solopreneurs 
  • Web & Mobile app owners 

Popsuite Alternatives

  • Warmwelcome
  • Leadbubble 
  • Tolstoy 
  • Facepop

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