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UserStak Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

UserStak Lifetime Deal: Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software for Your Website
Expired August 20, 2023
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UserStak Lifetime Deal: Live Chat Software


Are you frustrated with the lack of customer service on your website? Do you want to be able to quickly and easily provide your visitors with the help they need?

With UserStak, you can do just that!

This powerful software allows you to add a chat box to your website, allowing your visitors to communicate with you or your customer service team in real-time.

With the UserStak Lifetime Deal, you can get this software at a fraction of the cost, giving you the tools you need to provide your visitors with the best customer service possible.


Customization for Branding & Behavior with UserStak Widget

UserStak offers a quick and easy way to add a new widget to your website. It has customizable features that allow you to change the color and branding of your chat widget to match your website’s theme and logo.

Additionally, you can add in-chat widgets such as documentation and FAQ pages, or Youtube links, to help your customers query before initiating a chat. This helps to create an unlimited number of branding opportunities and gives you control over the behavior of your widget.

Seamless Conversation Management

UserStak is a customer conversation management solution that allows users to answer conversations on-the-go, without the need to download an additional app.

Its integration with Slack allows users to answer conversations from anywhere, while additional integrations are planned for the future. This feature makes it easy for users to manage customer conversations without the need for additional logins and passwords.

Unlimited Team Size for Quick Response

UserStak’s feature of having unlimited team size allows businesses to have larger teams that can quickly respond to customer queries and help resolve their issues. This eliminates the need of creating tickets and having the relevant team look into the issue, thus saving time and enabling faster support.

Generate Threads in Slack for User Queries

This feature allows users to ask questions directly to the support team via the UserStak widget and have those queries automatically created as a thread in a Slack channel.

This enables the support team to easily refer back to previously discussed topics when needed, while keeping each communication in its own thread. Additionally, anyone with access to the support channel in Slack can respond to the questions, streamlining the customer service process.

Linking UserStak’s In-Chat Widget to External Services

UserStak’s In-Chat widget allows users to link their account to external services such as Calendly, social media apps, and more. This allows users to more easily collect feedback, feature requests, bug reports, and set up customer appointments, making customer service more efficient and streamlined.


How long does it take to add a new widget from UserStak?

Adding a new widget from UserStak takes a few minutes.

Can the color of the Chat widget be customized?

Yes, the color of the Chat widget can be customized as per your brand, logo, and theming for Appearance customization.

Yes, resource links like Documentation or FAQ page can be added as In-Chat Widgets to help customers query before they initiate a chat.

Can conversations be answered on the go with UserStak?

Yes, conversations can be answered on the go right from Slack if you are away from the reach of a desktop to use UserStak to manage customer conversations.

Is there a limit to the number of agents that can be added to UserStak?

No, there is no limit to the number of agents that can be added to UserStak.


In conclusion, UserStak is a great tool for teams looking to provide excellent customer support and experience.

Adding a new widget from UserStak takes only a few minutes, and color, as well as resources, can be customized as per the brand or logo. Also, conversations can be answered on the go with their Slack integration. Finally, there is no limit to the number of agents that can be added, allowing teams to scale up their support.

With all of these features, UserStak is an excellent solution for those looking to provide the best possible customer service!

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