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Replain Chat Lifetime Deal

Live chat software that receives and sends your website messages directly to Facebook Messenger and Telegram.
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Replain Chat Lifetime Deal

Re:plain is fast and functional live chat software that receives and sends your website messages directly to Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Live chat with your customers directly through Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

Works on any and all websites and CMS with no downloads required.

Get unlimited agents and transfer customers easily between operators.

Best for: Businesses and e-commerce stores that want to simplify 24/7 customer support.

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Our Group Discussion

Re:plain is fast and functional live chat software that receives and sends your website messages right to Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

With regards to your business, success doesn’t sleep. And neither do your visitors.

That’s why Re:plain enables you to be online regularly, without actually being “online.”

Messages from your website come right to your phone or computer through Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

Prospective customers can slide into the DM exactly like friends and family, and family (or a stranger) would.

And setup is simple. A couple of no website logins or applications to download-all communications happen directly in your messenger.

You can include an unlimited range of operators and an unlimited quantity of websites…free of charge!

With Re:plain, you can assign different operators to different websites, which will come in handy when you have separate teams.

And it’s easy to transfer customers between operators. Share chat history, leave customer notes, get service reviews, and even more!

Re: plain’s active invitation to chat feature lets your live chat operators get in touch with site visitors and offer assistance and push conversions within 45 seconds of them visiting your site.

And because Re:plain is not plain, you can customize your icon to fit your brand with any color, create your logo in the chat, and edit your welcome message.

Want to save lots of even additional time? Use Re: plain’s convenient response templates or automate support to provide answers in real-time.

Competitors offer services that either breaks the budget or break the human brain with complex interfaces and settings.

Not Re:plain! This cost-effective live chat plugin efficiently works on any website, CMS, or platform.

You can hook up Re:plain to your chosen marketing tools, including Zapier, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika, and more.

You’re not a brain surgeon-you can’t be on call 24/7. (Btw, shouldn’t surgeons be getting ultimately more sleep?)

And you’re not manufactured from money, so finding a team around-the-clock is out of the question.

Save time, money, and sleep easy with a live chat that’s basically.

Re:plain Features

Re:plain is add-ons based service, therefore you can expand its functionality and custom tailor it to the needs you have by only adding the features that you truly need. We release a new add-on every three weeks to make your business even more productive.


Setup, controls, and chats are all in your WhatsApp webchat. You can even use an unlimited amount of operators.


Manage your settings, operators, and chats directly in the familiar interface of your selected messenger.

Facebook Messenger

Answer clients from your personal Messenger account or together with your operators, while continuing to use your Business page bots at precisely the same time.

Unlimited variety of operators for free

Within the basic service Re:plain provides an unlimited range of operators for free. Your operators can also choose messengers; they prefer to work independently.

Response Templates

You may set the most regularly used replies as templates, which will make communication with your clients faster and even more productive. The templates will only be accessible by you and available for all your websites. We’ve also included default templates like the ‘request contact information form’ and ‘share contacts.’

Widget Customization

Customize your widget by setting your logo, company description, greeting, the color of your icon as well as accumulate your clients’ contact information all via the most comfortable and most effective add-on on the globe! Change the details below directly in your message.

Working hours

This add-on will help you to set the exact hours your business will be operating and activate the automatic enabling (and disabling) of Re:plain on your website. You will also have the ability to use flexible settings for working hours, days, time zones, and, of course, create an offline greeting.

Client Information

We will gather the following key information about the visitors of your website: name, contact details, location, the page that they can be contacting you, Ip, and their current status (whether they are active or not).

Automate support

The ‘Automate support’ is a straightforward, one step bot that will offer client support to the visitors of your website 24/7. All you need to do is set the most frequently asked questions and write the best answers. Your clients will receive these answers automatically.

Active invitations

We’re always thinking about you and your business, and with us, you are not going to miss an individual message. People to your website will receive a pop-up greeting from you after 42 seconds of browsing – our comprehensive experience shows us that it is the perfect timing for an invitation to chat.

Transferring clients between operators + chat history

This add-on allows your operators to transfer clients to one another, add notes about the clients, so they are only up to date. You can also use the ‘Conversation ratings’ add-on to gather statistics on your team’s performance.

Clients’ and operators’ chat-logs

This add-on allows your operators to transfer clients to one another, with their chat history and notes about your client so they are merely up to speed.

Integration with 2000 services

Send your computer data to your CRM, translate messages on the fly with Google Translate, create email blast lists, and be more productive with the Zapier integration!

Works on any operating system

Re: plain works anywhere you have a messenger and which means it works on any operating system.

Any CMS platforms

WordPress | Drupal | Joomla | Shopify | Wix | Opencart | Squarespace | Blogspot | Tilda | Muse

Files, gifs, emoji, stickers

The one thing your chat isn’t going to be is annoying. You’re chatting in your chosen messenger, so all of your favorite tools for self-expression are at your disposal.

Request contact information form

Your web chat (in its basic setting) collects contact information such as name, email, and phone number by default. However, you can expand the functionality of these fields with the addition of new ones, making a few of the mandatory or deleting the contact information form altogether using the ‘Forms’ Add-on.

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