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Socialbots Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Socialbots Lifetime Deal: Chatbot Builder

Chatbot Builder for WhatsApp & Telegram
Expired July 22, 2023
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Socialbots Lifetime Deal: Chatbot Builder


Are you looking for an efficient way to manage customer service, marketing, and sales processes?

Do you want to automate and engage with customers, but don’t have the coding background to do so?

With Socialbots, you can now create interactive chatbots for WhatsApp and Telegram without writing a single line of code.

They have the ultimate chatbot builder that will allow you to automate your customer service, marketing and sales processes, and engage with your customers 24/7.

Don’t miss out on this lifetime deal and find out how you can benefit from Socialbots!


Automating Bot Account Setup and Integration with BotFather

BotFather is a Telegram Chatbot that helps streamline the process of setting up a bot account. Users only need to submit the bot name and username to BotFather, and they will receive a URL to the Chatbot as well as an access token.

The access token can then be used to connect the bot account to Socialbots, a platform which allows users to configure automated responses. Additionally, users can link their WhatsApp business accounts and cloud APIs to Socialbots with the access token and business account ID.

Visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder Enables Easy Bot Creation

Socialbots Visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder is an online interface that enables users to quickly and easily create, test, and build chatbots without the need for coding. It provides a visual overview of the entire bot, making it easier for users to develop engaging bots.

Utilizing Socialbots to Streamline Communication and Increase Subscribers

Socialbots offers a simple way to increase subscriber numbers and streamline communication with customers through their Telegram Chatbot and WhatsApp business features. These features allow users to create a short link that can be shared on websites, social media, and emails, and when someone clicks on the link they will receive an instant response from a bot.

Additionally, Socialbots provides chat widgets that can be easily integrated onto any website. By utilizing these features, businesses can quickly connect with potential and existing customers and can increase their subscriber numbers.

Unlimited Telegram Broadcasting for Business Growth

Telegram Broadcasting is an excellent Socialbots tool that enables businesses to engage with their contacts list while also growing their business. With no limitations, unlike WhatsApp, Telegram Chatbot is not subject to the 24-hour restriction, allowing businesses to send messages, reminders, or follow-ups to a segmented audience whenever they see fit.

Additionally, businesses using the Telegram Chatbot are not charged per conversation, since there are no limits, allowing businesses to use this tool without worrying about additional costs.

Automated Drip Messaging System

This feature enables businesses to set up a sequence of automated messages to be sent at predetermined times, allowing them to engage with their customers and leads in a more efficient and personalized way.

The messages can be tailored based on the user’s activity or responses, providing a more tailored and personalized experience. Campaigns can be set up to send messages either hourly/minutely or daily, allowing businesses to maximize their customer engagement.

Label Segmentation for Chatbot Subscribers

Labels can be used within a chatbot flow to segment subscribers based on their interactions. By assigning labels to buttons, clicking certain buttons will give subscribers a specific label.

This label can then be used to sort subscribers and send them specific messages based on the label they have been given. Labels can be used to increase the effectiveness of a chatbot by allowing more targeted messaging.


What is BotFather and how does it help in setting up a bot account?

BotFather is a Telegram Chatbot that assists in setting up a bot account by requiring only the bot name and username, and responding with a URL to the Chatbot as well as an access token.

What is Socialbots Visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder and how does it aid in bot development?

Socialbots Visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder is a tool that aids in the visual creation of a bot by providing a bird`s eye perspective of the entire bot, which aids in the development of a highly engaging bot.

Socialbots can create a short link that may be shared on websites, social media, and even emails. When a subscriber clicks on a Short link, they will receive an immediate answer from a bot.

What is Broadcasting in Socialbots and how does it help in engaging with contacts and growing businesses?

Broadcasting is a tool that allows you to engage with your contacts list while also assisting in the growth of your business by reactivating, re-engaging, or sending messages, reminders, or follow-ups based on a segmented audience.

How can labels be used in Socialbots to separate or group subscribers and send targeted messages?

Labels can be used to separate chatbot subscribers and button labels can be assigned to buttons in the chatbot’s flow. Subscribers can be sorted using labels and targeted messages can be sent to them.


In conclusion, BotFather and Socialbots Visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder are extremely helpful tools when it comes to setting up a chatbot, as they provide an efficient, streamlined way to develop and launch an engaging chatbot.

Socialbots also provide additional features such as broadcasting and labels, which are useful for segmenting audiences and sending targeted messages.

With the Socialbots tool, businesses can easily grow their subscriber lists and build a devoted customer base!

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