WAMATAS Lifetime Deal & Review

Are you looking for an innovative way to reach and engage your users on WhatsApp quickly? Do you want to leverage on automation tools to serve your customers better?

Then you need WAMATAS Lifetime Deal!

This cloud-based platform makes it easy to create and send engaging WhatsApp messages, build Chatbots, and use API integration to connect with other services. WAMATAS can help you reach your users and drive conversions with automated messages and Chatbot responses even when you’re offline.

No more manual labor and no more worries about managing your WhatsApp campaigns. With WAMATAS, you can boost your business and maximize your profits with minimal effort.

WAMATAS Features

Bulk WhatsApp Messaging

An automated solution for mass communication through WhatsApp. This feature allows users to quickly add thousands of WhatsApp accounts and schedule multiple messages to be sent simultaneously, providing an efficient way to reach a large audience with minimal effort.

WhatsApp Chatbot Creator

This feature provides businesses with an automated system to respond to customer inquiries, increasing efficiency and allowing businesses to provide better customer service even when they are not available. This feature allows businesses to be available to customers 24/7 without having to invest in additional manpower.

Fully Responsive

With Fully Responsive design, users can access their accounts from any device, regardless of platform. This feature allows users to manage and interact with their accounts from any device, making it convenient and efficient to stay connected.

Link & QR Code Generator

This feature allows marketers and website owners to quickly and easily create unique links and QR codes that can be shared with customers. These links and QR codes allow customers to quickly access a specific website, product, or service without having to type in a long URL.

Additionally, QR codes can also be used to quickly open a WhatsApp conversation with a customer service representative. This feature is incredibly useful for providing customers with a fast and convenient way to access key information.

Enhanced File Management Capabilities

The File Manager feature allows users to easily manage their files, including the ability to upload and edit images. This feature provides a convenient way to store, organize, and manipulate files, as well as to create and modify images, making it a powerful tool for any user.

Streamlined Group Management

Group Manager provides a convenient way to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. By grouping accounts together, users can save time when making changes, adding new accounts, or viewing account data.

This feature is especially useful for those who manage multiple accounts or need to quickly make changes across a variety of accounts. Group Manager simplifies the process of managing multiple accounts by making it easy to view, edit, and manage them quickly and efficiently.


What is WAMATAS?

WAMATAS is a tool that allows users to add thousands of WhatsApp accounts and schedule multiple WhatsApp messages to them.

What is WhatsApp Chatbot Creator?

WhatsApp Chatbot Creator is a tool that allows users to create automated responses for their audience and have the bot answer questions for them while they are away.

Is Bulk WhatsApp Sender fully responsive?

Yes, Bulk WhatsApp Sender is fully responsive and can be managed from any device such as smartphones, computers, tablets, Mac, etc.

Does Bulk WhatsApp Sender have a Link & QR code Generator?

Yes, Bulk WhatsApp Sender has a Link & QR code Generator that allows users to easily generate WhatsApp links and QR codes for their marketing and websites.

Does Bulk WhatsApp Sender have a Group Manager?

Yes, Bulk WhatsApp Sender has a Group Manager which allows users to manage all of their accounts in groups, saving them time.


In conclusion, WAMATAS is the perfect solution for businesses or individuals who want to drive more engagement and increase their customer base on WhatsApp.

By utilizing WAMATAS’ powerful features like automated messages, Chatbots and API integration, you can quickly and easily reach your customers, engage with them, and drive conversions. With minimal effort and minimal cost, you can maximize your profits and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Try WAMATAS now and enjoy greater success with your WhatsApp campaigns!

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WAMATAS Lifetime Deal

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