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Are you an app or website developer looking for a quick and easy way to integrate in-app chat messaging functionality into your product?

Have you been wasting valuable time and resources trying to develop an in-app chat system from scratch? If so, you’re not alone.

The good news is that MinChat is here with its Monthly Deal to offer the perfect solution!

MinChat is a comprehensive chat SDK that enables you to quickly and easily integrate in-app chat messaging functionality into your app or website.

With MinChat’s Monthly Deal, you can save months of development time, get up and running faster!


Scalable Conversation Builder with Personalized Support

This feature provides a chat UI builder and SDK documentation, making it easier for users to customize the chat UI without writing code.

It is also designed to scale and to support concurrency, allowing for multiple conversations to be handled simultaneously. Additionally, users are provided with personalized support to help them take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities.

Simple, Flexible In-App Chat

Minchat is a powerful and intuitive chat platform, designed to make it easy for developers to quickly create in-app chat experiences.

With Minchat, users can create a wide range of chat experiences, from standard 1-on-1 conversations to group discussions, without needing to write any complicated code.

Seamless Real-Time Messaging

Minchat is a convenient solution for developers and businesses who need to quickly and easily incorporate real-time messaging into their mobile and web applications.

With Minchat, developers don’t need to spend time and resources learning how to build real-time messaging from scratch, instead they can easily and efficiently integrate Minchat into their applications.

Easily Integrate Chat Functionality with Minchat APIs and SDKs

Minchat provides developers with APIs and SDKs to quickly and easily build chat functionality into their apps. This allows for a more engaging user experience, as users can communicate with one another in real-time within the app.

Cloud-Based Chat API for All Companies

MinChat’s chat API is designed to be used by companies of any size. It is hosted on the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) which provides scalability and reliability.

This feature makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to get up and running with a chat solution quickly and without needing to manage the underlying infrastructure.


What is Minchat?

Minchat is a platform that offers a chat UI builder and chat SDK documentation, designed to make it easy for developers to build in-app chat features quickly.

What problem does Minchat solve?

Minchat solves the problem of easily and effectively adding real-time messaging and other communication functionality to mobile and web applications, without the need for extensive development resources or knowledge.

What can developers do with Minchat’s APIs and SDKs?

With Minchat’s APIs and SDKs, developers can quickly and easily integrate chat functionality into their apps, providing a seamless and engaging user experience.

What is the MinChat chat API built on?

The MinChat chat API is built on the AWS Cloud and architected to accommodate companies of any size.

Does Minchat offer customized support?

Yes, Minchat offers personalized support and allows users to customize the chat UI without writing code, offering customized support at all levels no matter the size of your company.


In conclusion, Minchat is a powerful chat UI builder and chat SDK documentation that makes it easy for developers to add chat functionality to their apps quickly and easily.

With Minchat, developers can customize the chat UI without having to write code, and the chat API is built on the AWS Cloud, allowing companies of any size to reap the benefits of a custom chat experience. By using Minchat, developers can provide a seamless user experience, as well as personalized and customized support.

Get started with Minchat today and take advantage of the many powerful features it has to offer!

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