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IdeaPlan Lifetime Deal

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IdeaPlan Lifetime Deal

It can be challenging and time-consuming to gain customer feedback for any business.

When it comes to building new products and features, it’s hard to know what customers will love.

A great product begins with a great idea, but bringing it to life isn’t always easy. Customer feedback is crucial, features that customers love need to be built, and the product should be designed based on their needs.

Meet the IdeaPlan Lifetime Deal

User feedback is easily collected with Ideaplan, and actionable insights are derived from it. It’s easy with Ideaplan to understand what features your customers prefer (and those they don’t), so your products can meet their needs.

Make sure prospects and customers are informed about new product releases, enhancements, roadmaps, and features. Streamline the process of managing them manually by internal teams.

IdeaPlan Features

  • Idea management, editing, prioritizing, commenting, searching, and filtering.
  • Each idea can be complemented by a user’s comments. From the Idea dashboard, you can respond directly to these comments.
  • Ensure that the product roadmap is based on the customer’s ideas for internal and external products.
  • Send images, videos, and links to your customers when new products are launched.
  • Develop an internal & external product status board, categories & roadmap with custom logo, colors, tags, and categories.
  • Specify which feedback boards can be locked down. Ensure that private links are provided for access to boards.
  • Upload ideas in bulk directly to an Idea Feedback Board by inviting team members to your Idea Dashboard.
  • Filter the board with tags, priority ratings, categories, comments, specific releases, & more.
  • Directly from your app, gather feedback and display your roadmap. Experiences never have to be left behind by users.

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