IDX Privacy Protection Tools Discount Deal
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IDX Privacy Protection Tools Discount Deal

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IDX Privacy Protection Tools Discount Deal

Today, data is created from everything we do – and that data is sold and bought legally with virtually no oversight by the government.

IDX is here to provide you with everything you need to regain control of your privacy. You no longer have to worry about data brokers selling your personal information, passwords that get compromised, or even companies tracking what you do online.

Your IDX Privacy dashboard makes it easy to protect yourself across all your devices. Stay safe online with everything you need! A single dashboard provides you with proactive tools for managing your privacy.


  • Scores for privacy. Discover how you can improve your online privacy with IDX privacy experts’ guidance
  • Private searches. Data collection & sale is restricted by DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine
  • A safe wireless connection. Using a VPN connection, you can access the internet privately and securely
  • The tracking blocker. Protect your online activities by stopping companies from tracking you
  • Manager for passwords. Password Manager with privacy protection that allows you to access your passwords easily & securely
  • The ForgetMe Data Removal Tool. Over 100 data brokers websites are scanned continuously and personal information is automatically deleted
  • The CyberScan Dark Web Monitoring service. A scan of the surface, social, deep, and dark web is performed
  • Privacy and fraud protection for social media with SocialSentry. You’ll be notified if fraudulent or inappropriate behavior is associated with your social media profiles, including attempted account takeovers.

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  • Get 1 year access for just $99 one-time payment.
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