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What is it? InfluencerSoft is full-funnel mapping software that also works as a sales funnel builder.

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Visual funnel builder, landing pages, emails, multi-tier affiliate management, courses – all in the deal.

Build for yourself or your clients with custom CNAME and funnel sharing.

Lots of training and templates and if you sign up there’s a special lifetime deal you can promote to your community.

Highlights (TL;DR):

A wide selection of high converting page templates and a convenient visual drag-and-drop editor.

One-click integration with Stripe & Paypal. Affiliate management system. Campaign Reports to find out the exact profit your ads and affiliates bring.

Use an automatic series of emails for your potential customers. Subscribe and unsubscribe to lists, assign tags, add to marketing sequences.

Start your membership site. Custom branding, course catalog, sequential content delivery.

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What InfluencerSoft Can Do?

Sales Funnels Builder

A wide choice of high converting page templates and a convenient visual drag-and-drop editor.

  • Premade high conversion funnels templates
  • Visual Page Builder
  • Interactive blocks for live broadcasts
  • Link your own domain and get SSL for free

Marketing Automation

Use an automated collection of mails for your potential clients. Subscribe and unsubscribe to lists, assign tags, add to advertising sequences!

  • Segment subscribers based on their actions
  • Easily put a web-to-lead form on any website
  • Deliverability is Our Key Priority
  • Sales pipelines are fully customizable

E-Commerce Platform

One-click integration with Stripe & Paypal. Affiliate management system. Campaign Reports to learn the specific profit your advertisements and affiliates bring.

  • Offer a single price point or payment plan
  • One-click upsells and downsells
  • Coupon codes and limited time offers
  • Multi-currency settings

Learning Management

Start your membership website. Customized branding, course catalog, sequential content delivery. Free and paid trials, recurring subscriptions.

  • Any number of active students
  • Trial access, step-by-step training
  • Sequential content delivery
  • Homework review manually or automatically

Campaign Reports

Find out how much profit your ads and affiliates bring. Analyze the conversion of sales pages and emails.

  • Sales funnels conversion analysis
  • Marketing channels ROI report
  • A/B testing
  • Google e-Commerce integration

About the Founder Jesse Doubek

Jesse Doubek is among the most successful online marketers of our time. Since Co-Founder and CEO of Doubek Digital Media, his agency has worked with some of the Best online entrepreneurs on the planet (such as NYT Bestselling Authors such as Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, and Sonia Choquette) and driven a registered $10M+ in sales.

His training programs have helped students attract thousands of fans, leads, and sales through live events, online training, and training.

However, it was not always this way for him. In college, Jesse was pursuing his dream of being a professional basketball player… and just as his career was gaining traction, he blew out his knee. This tragedy left Jesse with no livelihood and no life – and he had been forced to move into his dad’s spare room with over $120k of student debt.

This is where he began his company and changed his life forever. Now, Jesse is debt-free using a flourishing business, amazing customers, and a committed team… and he is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build their businesses using intelligent advertising, strong content, and automated sales funnels.


Is it possible to import a premium template (from Funnelytics) to InfluencerSoft?

They are in the process of making templates that are standard in Funnelytics. They can’t make any promises but they said will look into what it will take to be able to pull something like that off.

Is it a European company? is the company. They are launching InfluencerSoft together in the English market since they hit a market ceiling and needed the team and expertise to pull it off successfully in a competitive English market. They believe they are filling a much-needed gap in the marketplace by creating the visual funnel builder. They are excited to have their own software to build and scale our clients with.

Here’s What’s Included:

InfluencerSoft 1.0

  • Premium Website Builder
  • Sales Funnel Builder
  • Visual Emails Builder
  • Online Course Builder
  • eCommerce Platform
  • CRM System
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Affiliate Tracking

InfluencerSoft 2.0

  • Visual Funnels Mapping and Builder
  • Color Coding Improving Your Funnels
  • Sharing Visual Funnels
  • Chatbot Builder
  • Content Strategy Builder
  • Content Scheduler
  • Paid Ads Builder
  • Paid Ads Scheduler
  • Premium and Paid Templates
  • Messaging/Offers/Targeting Builder
  • Training For Everything
  • Improving All Features and More!!!

1 Year Access to Influencer Monthly Mentoring:

  • 1 Group Coaching Call Per Month

Access To Jesse Doubek’s Latest Course Digital Sales Machine:

  • 10 Module Training: How To Successfully Launch An Online Business.

InfluencerSoft Merchant Services:

  • Save .5% on all your funnel transactions compared to Stripe and Paypal at 2.9%.

With InfluencerSoft Do You Need Separate AutoResponder?

That is correct that you wouldn’t need another autoresponder. In the funnel builder, you can build landing pages and emails. Do split tests and upsells right in the funnel builder. You can see and build your entire funnel all in one place. Websites are used to build websites, but your funnels.

Do Voo and Publitio can be used with InfluencerSoft for Video delivery?

Yes, it will work.

How do we use the sub-clients feature? Is it a separately managed account, with a different merchant account and membership domain? Or is it just a user role within the same account?

They’re all shared. There’s no way to limit them, so you’ll want to make sure you’re only setting clients up that you a) trust their list (don’t want to be shut off for spam by someone else) and b) where they won’t abuse your limits. It is a role with specific permissions and limitations, and they can manually add the payment for sub-users (since this is the only “client use” offering they’ve done). You can add cnames yourself for you or your clients.

What if I use my payment gateway do you still charge any transaction fee on top of it?

They DO NOT charge anything on top of PayPal or stripe. They are launching their payment toward the end of the year, which they’re predicting will be at 2.2%.

Can we use the custom domain?

Yes, you can add in your custom domains.

Where is the data stored?

Storage and processing are in Germany; the details can be found in our privacy policy (footer link) on their web page.

Do we have an option to disable the IS branding from the landing pages?

Yes, you can remove it from everywhere on the live pages.

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