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Instachatbot Lifetime Deal
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Instachatbot Lifetime Deal

Instagram AI Chatbot for Shopify
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Instachatbot Lifetime Deal

In spite of Instagram’s great potential, it’s hard for businesses to maintain a high level of customer service while keeping up with the demands of the platform. 

The lack of an easy way to checkout on Instagram can make shopping frustrating. Your information must be entered again on a website after leaving the app.

Messages & comments must also be replied to constantly, as well as customer requests. By not having an automated checkout process, you are also missing out on potential sales. 

Meet the Instachatbot Lifetime Deal

Instachatbot is here to help. It allows you to focus on what matters most – growing your business – by automating the checkout process on Instagram.

Instachatbot makes it easier for customers to buy from you by automatically answering their questions and providing them with purchase information.

Boost brand awareness with Instachatbot, engage customers with pre-selling queries, and keep customers happy with exceptional service. Your customer service will be top-notch and you won’t miss a sale.

Instachatbot Features

It is possible to simplify your workflow in half by integrating Instachatbot for Shopify.

Your prospects will become customers if you use Instachatbot to automate your replies.

Shopify store owners can make their Instagram store available 24/7 with Instachatbot. Also, there is no time zone restriction.

Send automated replies to all your prospects’ Instagram DMs and engage with them pre-selling and pre-purchasing.

Utilize the Instagram chatbot of Instachatbot to build brand awareness and reach sales targets.

By using conversational forms on Instagram, you can build product recommendations for your prospects.

Impress customers with instant availability by connecting your Instagram chatbot with your Shopify store.

Inside Instachatbot, you can access Instagram analytics.

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