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What is it? Create Attractive Product Updates in Minutes

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Are you struggling to keep your customers up to date with your product changelogs and updates? Are you tired of manually updating customers about your product changes and updates?

Kuickfeed is here to help.

With Kuickfeed, you can easily manage all your product updates and release notes in one easy to use platform.

Get lifetime access to Kuickfeed and simplify the way you keep your customers looped in on your product changelogs and updates!


Multiple Changelogs under One Account

This feature allows users to manage multiple changelogs of different products through a single account, simplifying the process of keeping track of changes and saving time in the process.

By consolidating all of the changelogs in one place, users can easily access and manage all of the changes with a single account, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms or accounts.

Unlimited Posts & Custom Categories

Kuickfeed makes it easy to manage your changelog with its powerful features.

You can create an unlimited number of posts and categories and then assign custom names and colors to make them easier to identify. If you decide you need to make changes, updating and deleting categories is fast and simple.

Embeddable Widget

This feature allows users to quickly and easily embed a changelog into their website or app, providing a clear and concise way to keep customers informed of changes and updates.

This makes it easy to keep customers in the loop and allows them to stay up to date with the latest changes, ensuring they’re always informed and can make the most of the product.

Complete Brand Customization

Kuickfeed provides extensive customization options that allow you to customize the look and feel of your changelogs to reflect your unique brand style. You can upload your brand’s favicon and logo, select font styles, and even set a custom domain to make your changelogs look more professional.

This feature makes it easy to ensure your changelogs stand out from the competition and help you build your brand.

Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificates provide an extra layer of protection for visitors viewing your changelog, as it encrypts data sent between the web server and visitor’s computer. By having a secure connection, you can ensure that any sensitive information or data exchanged between you and your visitors is kept private.

With free SSL certificates, you can easily protect your changelog from unwanted intruders and provide a trusted, secure experience for your visitors.


What is Kuickfeed?

Kuickfeed is a platform that allows users to efficiently manage multiple changelogs of different products through a single account.

Can users create limitless posts and categories in their changelog?

Yes, users can create limitless posts and categories in their changelog.

Is it easy to update and delete unwanted categories in Kuickfeed?

Yes, updating and deleting unwanted categories is a breeze in Kuickfeed.

Can users embed their changelog into their website/app?

Yes, users can embed their changelog into their website/app with a simple copy & paste code.

Does Kuickfeed offer customization options for changelogs?

Yes, Kuickfeed offers extensive customization options to ensure changelogs reflect unique brand style.


In conclusion, Kuickfeed is an innovative platform that facilitates efficient changelog management with limitless posts and categories.

It is very easy for users to update and delete unwanted categories and to embed their changelogs into their website or app. Plus, Kuickfeed also offers unlimited customization options to help users get the exact look they want.

Start using Kuickfeed today to find out why it’s the go-to choice for changelog management!

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