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MaxiVPN Discount Deal – VPN Software

Get the internet experience that you deserve with maxivpn's 300+ secure, high-speed & powerful servers worldwide.
Expired June 14, 2020
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MaxiVPN Discount Deal – VPN Software

Seize your right to privacy and enjoy the open Internet wherever you are with the fastest and most powerful VPN solution on the market.

MaxiVPN encrypts all the internet data coming out of your device, so no one between your device and the servers can intercept it.

No website can know your physical location or identify you based on IP address.

Choose from 300+ high-speed servers across 49+ countries.

The premium MaxiVPN plan supports an unlimited number of devices: use your premium subscription on all your household’s devices without any extra charges and use the app as much as you like, without any restrictions on bandwidth consumption.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Whether it’s Windows, macOS, Android or iOS – use VPN protection on an unlimited number of devices (fair usage policy applies)

Connect to super-fast VPN servers wherever you are w/ faster connection, transfer & response times

Hide your online activities from 3rd parties w/ MaxiVPN’s strict minimal logs policy

Enjoy all the content you want. No censorship or bandwidth limits

Close your Internet window on the government, ISPs & hackers w/ military-grade data encryption.

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MaxiVPN Features

Hide where you are and IP address

Every time you go online, you are assigned an iPad that can identify you, your ISP, and your approximate physical location.

Many people do not want their online personal information and whereabouts to be subjected to advertisers, governments, and hackers.

It’s a breach of the web Privacy they are entitled to. MaxiVPN makes your original IP address, ISP, and reallocation invisible – by tunneling your web data through one of our high-speed, secure servers dispersed around the globe.

Your communication encrypted

Your Internet data may include movement in and out of your devices unencrypted, and read by malicious parties.

MaxiVPN utilizes up to powerful 256-bit military-level data encryption to protect incoming and outgoing internet traffic.

Feel absolve to surf from general population WiFi hotspots at cafes, public squares, and airports knowing that ALL your streaming Internet data (standard bank data, photos, e-mails, passwords, etc.) can’t be monitored or intercepted on the network level.

End spying or ISP throttling

Stop snooping because of your ISP, government, and hackers.

MaxiVPN protects you online, so no one will ever have the ability to see your internet data as it’s being sent or throttle down your interconnection speed if you are trying to enjoy Netflix, Amazon Primary Video, Hulu, or any other streaming services.

Don’t be a victim of price gauging by advertisers based on your location.

Web Censorship unblocked

Not hate when you travel somewhere, and also, you can’t gain access to your chosen sites and programs? Will you be sick and tired of getting communications such as “This content is not available in your country”? Which has a VPN service; you won’t get that information.

Netflix, Gmail, Skype, Facebook, YouTube are available wherever you are, even if at an institution or office which restricts internet access.

Your preferred content designed for your viewing pleasure

Travel can get in the way of accessing your preferred websites. With MaxiVPN, you can stream all films and shows in high-speed HD – just like you did back home.

MaxiVPN’s network is optimized to offer you blazing speeds with no limitations on bandwidth.

Feel absolve to the stream video tutorial, download, video recording chat, and even more with no frustrating buffering.

VPN applications for your devices

MaxiVPN can protect all your devices linked to cellular, WiFi, and wired sites – including cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, routers, and more.

Install our apps on all of your devices, and connect a variety of devices to the VPN simultaneously (Fair Usage Insurance policy applies). It is that user-friendly.

No tech knowledge required

Under-the-hood, MaxiVPN is a robust VPN service with numerous advanced features.

However, it was designed for the non-tech savvy crowd in mind – so it’s logical and works as an airflow.

Our easy-to-use VPN apps are available for Macintosh personal computer OS, iOS, Home windows, Android, Android TV, and Fire OS.

Minimal-Logs Policy

Your privacy is our utmost priority.

This is part of our quest statement, and for that reason, there’s never any logging of the data directed or received within the VPN tunnel.

We only collect the lowest level of metadata essential to run the service flawlessly.

MaxiVPN Discount Deal Benefits

  • Length of access: 24 months
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Max number of devices: unlimited (Fair-Usage Policy applies)
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • 300+ high-speed servers
  • 49 countries
  • Dedicated support team
  • Updates included

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