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Netumo Lifetime Deal: Uptime Monitoring Tool

Domain Tracking & Website Uptime Monitoring Tool
Expired August 26, 2023
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Netumo Lifetime Deal: Uptime Monitoring Tool


Are you wasting time and resources dealing with unexpected downtime or disruption of your online infrastructure?

Are you struggling to keep track of your websites, domains, certificates, APIs, servers, and more?

With Netumo Lifetime Deal, you can rest assured that your online infrastructure is secure and running smoothly.

With this powerful uptime monitor, you’ll be alerted of any issues, giving you the ability to quickly address them and ensure your success online.

Get Netumo now and never worry about downtime or disruption again!


Monitor Domain Expiry and Avoid Unnecessary Outages

Netumo provides a useful feature that helps to monitor domain expiry dates.

By monitoring the public WHOIS records, Netumo alerts users in advance of when domains are due to expire, allowing them to renew before the expiration date and avoid any unnecessary outages. This is especially useful for those managing multiple domains on different registrars, as it can be hard to keep track of all of them.

Secure Your Site from SSL Certificate Expirations

SSL certificates are an essential part of any website, providing secure connections to sensitive information. Unfortunately, all certificates eventually expire and must be renewed.

Netumo offers a timely alert system to notify you when a certificate is close to expiration, so that appropriate action can be taken to keep your site secure and avoid giving a bad impression to your visitors.

Advanced Monitoring with Netumo’s Checking Engine and Built-In Flood Protection

Netumo’s checking engine is designed to ensure accurate and reliable monitoring by avoiding false positives, rechecking all failures, and providing built-in flood protection. This advanced monitoring system gives users peace of mind that their systems and services are running without issue.

Comprehensive Website Monitoring

Netumo provides a comprehensive website monitoring solution, allowing users to quickly and easily query and generate reports to determine the current uptime and performance of their website.

Reports available include charts relating to up/down status, response time, status codes and daily uptime, providing users with an instant overview of the current state of their website and the experience of their users.

Customizable Status Pages for Visibility and Reassurance

Netumo’s plans allow you to create custom Status Pages that can help build trust and communication with your customers. The pages are fully customizable in terms of look and feel, enabling you to match your brand’s colors, style, and theme.

Additionally, you can access these pages with your own custom domain name, making it easier for your customers to access them. This feature can provide greater visibility and transparency, as well as peace of mind to your customers, knowing that their sites and services are being monitored.

Comprehensive Website Verification Checks

Netumo provides a comprehensive suite of verification checks to help ensure not only that your website is running smoothly, but that it is also optimized for search engine performance.

In addition, troubleshooting and testing tools are available to help verify website status, such as robots.txt validation, sitemap validation, link checking, and more.


What does Netumo do to avoid unnecessary outages with expired domains?

Netumo monitors expired domains using public WHOIS records and notifies in advance when they are due.

How does Netumo prevent SSL certificates from expiring?

Netumo alerts users in advance when SSL certificates are about to expire so that appropriate action can be taken.

How does Netumo ensure that false positives are not raised?

Netumo rechecks all failures immediately and takes them to the second level of tests to ensure that there are no false positives.

What kind of reports can Netumo generate for website monitoring data?

Netumo generates reports ranging from simple Up/Down charts to Response time graphs, Status code bar charts, and Day uptime charts.

What kind of verification checks does Netumo have to ensure website health?

Netumo has a variety of verification checks, including SEO health checks, robot.txt validation, sitemap validation, and link checker.


In conclusion, Netumo is an important and reliable service for ensuring website uptime and reliability.

It monitors expired domains and ensures that SSL certificates do not expire. It also generates meaningful reports and performs various verification checks to ensure website health.

Netumo helps businesses of all sizes avoid unnecessary outages and ensure their websites remain secure and up to date.

So, get Netumo today to find out more about how it can help keep your website functioning optimally!

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