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What is a VPN? The virtual private network is a network that routes your internet traffic via an encrypted tunnel, and alters your virtual geographical location during the process. However, NordVPN is more than an internet connection — we also provide powerful anti-malware programs.

NordVPN’s threat Protection feature checks your downloads for malicious software and block trackers, advertisements and potentially harmful websites. Enjoy the web without annoying monitoring or the threat of censorship. Secure Wi-Fi networks, and stop your mobile apps from leakage of unencrypted information. All it takes is one click.

Threat Protection
The NordVPN Threat Protection feature helps you stay far more secure from online threats. If you enable it, the Threat Protection can block annoying advertisements and trackers, check URLs to shield you from unsafe websites, and check the downloaded documents for malicious software.

Experience internet freedom
Traveling for work or studying to another country? NordVPN has over 5 000 secure VPN servers across 60 countries. Get a reliable and fast connection wherever you go , and access your favourite online content while traveling.

Block websites that are dangerous
The Threat Protection feature of NordVPN checks URLs before you visit an online site. If the website you’re about to visit has spyware, malware, trackers or any other harmful software Threat Protection immediately blocks it.

Secure your connection to Wi-Fi networks
Wi-Fi networks, if they aren’t correctly configured, could be highly vulnerable to hackers. NordVPN secures your online traffic and, therefore, even if the Wi-Fi connection that you are connecting to doesn’t have a secure connection enough, you’re secured.

The fastest VPN in the world
NordVPN has merged the speed and efficiency of WireGuard(tm) together with their in-house security expertise to develop NordLynx the fastest VPN protocol currently available.

Do not allow intrusive advertisements
The highly advanced security features of the Threat Protection feature blocks ads that are intrusive when you visit an online site. You can browse your preferred sites free of distractions.

Dark Web Monitor
This Dark Web Monitor feature scans the dark web for login information associated with your email address . It will notify you if there’s a breach. This way, you can immediately change your passwords and secure your accounts prior to cybercriminals doing harm.

Extra features for extra security
NordVPN has a broad range of security features that protect your data from cyber attacks. Alongside Threat Protection, there’s an automated Kill Switch that blocks your internet connection in the event that your VPN connection fails, which ensures that your information is secure. Double VPN is helpful in situations where a high degree of security online is required because of government censorship and strict rules for internet use. Your data will be secure from DNS leaks, too.

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