Optery Data Broker Removal Discount Deal
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Optery Discount Deal

Data Broker Visibility & Removal Tool
Expired July 29, 2023
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Optery Discount Deal

With over 100 data brokers The Optery Core Plan removes your home address, telephone number, address and other personal information from the web by removing you from the most trusted data brokers who deal in this data and make it available online. 

If you’ve ever googled yourself and stumbled across results from companies such as InstantCheckmate, TruthFinder, Spokeo, ArrestFacts, InfoTracer, Intelius, CellRevealer, MyLife, WhitePages, and FreePhoneTracer These are the kinds of websites Optery provides you with access to and eliminates the possibility of being a victim.

When you sign in, you’ll receive an exclusive Exposure Report, which will be delivered directly to your email address with images of between 50 and 80 sites that are posting your personal information. With greater coverage than any other service, people’s jaws typically fall when they realize the extent to which their personal data is published by these websites online. 

These websites can be used to track down long-lost family members however, they are also used by hackers, identity thieves as well as spammers, phishers doxxers, swattersand stalkers criminals, lawyers, and criminals to take action against you. If you’re concerned about the security of your personal information You can limit your vulnerability to attack by removing your personal data from these websites.

Optery offers the most sophisticated data broker removal and visibility tool on the market, and it provides greater coverage for removals of data brokers than any other service. Optery is funded by Y Combinator and headquartered in the United States.


  • Get rid of your contact information from Google by removing it from the Google source
  • Avoid identity theft and fraud
  • Reduce spam calls, phishing and emails
  • Find out the data brokers you’re exposed to at 100plus data brokers
  • Your email address is not disclosed to any data brokers. Optery manages and creates your private emails for you.
  • Opt-out requests are updated and delivered multiple times per year.
  • Dashboard shows the progress of removals in real-time
  • Optional Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Two-Step Verification (2FA) to add an extra layer of security for your account.
  • Optery does not sell data and is not associated with any broker of data

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