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PrettyWP Yearly Deal & Review

Are you struggling to keep your WordPress website up-to-date and secure? Are you overwhelmed with the time-consuming tasks of backing up, monitoring and reporting? Do you wish there was an easier way to make sure your WordPress website is always running as it should?

Introducing PrettyWP, the 24/7 WordPress website management with multichannel support.

Their team of WordPress experts will take care of all of your WordPress website needs, from security and backups to monitoring and reporting. With PrettyWP, you can relax knowing that your WordPress website is in good hands.

PrettyWP Features

Automated Security Scans and Vulnerability Reports

PrettyWP provides automated security scans, error and vulnerability reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure website security and keep websites up to date. This feature helps identify potential security issues and vulnerabilities, enabling webmasters to quickly address and fix them, thus improving website security and keeping their websites running smoothly.

Automated Backups

PrettyWP offers a reliable and secure way to protect your website with automated regular, weekly, and monthly backups. This ensures your website content is regularly and securely backed up, protecting your investment in case of any unforeseen issues.

24/7 Website Monitoring for Downtime Prevention

PrettyWP Website Monitoring system provides 24/7 monitoring of your website to detect any potential downtime, ensuring that your website is up and running with minimal interruptions. The system will send out alerts when any potential downtime is detected, so you can take action quickly to prevent any lost revenue or customer dissatisfaction.

Reliable Client Support with PrettyWP

PrettyWP is a great tool that allows agencies to provide support to their clients quickly and reliably. You can use one of your agency’s mail accounts to quickly respond to any queries or requests that your clients have, or you can create a separate account specifically for them. This helps to ensure that all communication is tracked and managed efficiently, making it easier for you to provide the best service possible.

White-Labeled Weekly Reports

This feature allows PrettyWP to provide clients with weekly reports without including any of PrettyWP’s branding. This is beneficial for clients as it allows them to present the reports as their own, and for PrettyWP as it ensures the client’s branding is kept intact.

Custom Branding Support Center

Allows clients to easily access service and support for their needs in an environment that reflects their unique brand identity. This provides a professional and personalized experience for clients, as well as a way for businesses to further showcase their brand.

24/7 Live Chat Support for Clients

The White Labeled 24/7 Live Chat Support Add-on enables businesses to provide their clients with round-the-clock access to customer service. This feature allows clients to get immediate answers to their questions and concerns, improving customer satisfaction and reducing wait times. Furthermore, businesses can customize the chat window with their own branding, creating a more personalized experience for their customers.


In conclusion, PrettyWP makes it easy to keep your WordPress website up-to-date and secure. Their 24/7 WordPress website management solution provides multichannel support, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is running as it should.

Whether you need help with monitoring, reporting, or backups, PrettyWP has you covered. Try PrettyWP today and find out how their solution can help keep your WordPress website running optimally.

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