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What is QikChat?

QikChat is a powerful scheduling automation tool, that turns form fills into booked meetings, straight from your lead form. 

QikChat Highlights

  • Instantly accelerating the speed to leads for sales success, creating revenue opportunities to enable teams to close more deals.
  • Uncover lead-to-meeting insights right after lead form completion, reduce the time it takes for a lead to schedule time in your calendar to a new low and fill your calendar with deals. 
  • Enable your team reduce the risk of cancellations, with our instant re-rescheduler. Use the QikChat Calendar to track the meeting stages with each lead, knowing the exact days in between every meeting, finding which deals are at risk that are ready for you to take action. 
  • Evenly distribute leads with automated round robin assignment, increasing team morale and sales performance.

Key Features of QikChat

Meeting Insights and Opportunities Dashboard

Have all the meeting metrics you need to uncover lead to meeting insights that enable your team to instantly identify lead to booking changes, they can take action to increase meeting attendance rates and decrease cancellations.

QikChat Calendar

With one click, reschedule any meeting, at any meeting stage, offer earlier availability or new availability instantly to mitigate the high risk of meeting no shows and cancellations. Know the amount of time in-between meetings and what number of meetings the lead has engaged in, finding which deals are at risk first, ready to action.

No Separate Landing Pages

QikChat bypasses taking leads to a separate booking page, where most of the lead drop off rate occurs. Integrating to your lead form, the lead receives the team members availability in their email, right after form completion.


In conclusion, the QikChat Lifetime Deal is a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their communication and collaboration efforts. With its feature-rich platform, it’s a golden opportunity that’s hard to pass up.

By opting for this deal, you’re not only getting access to a top-notch scheduling automation platform but also making a smart investment in the long run. With no recurring subscription fees, you’ll enjoy substantial savings over time, which is especially crucial for small businesses and startups on a budget.

Moreover, the Lifetime Deal comes with all future QikMe Plan updates, ensuring that you’re always at the forefront of communication technology.

So, if you’re looking for your dedicated digital sales partner, don’t miss out on the QikChat Lifetime Deal. Grab it while it’s available and experience the benefits for years to come.

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QikChat Lifetime Deal

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