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Ruttl Lifetime Deal

It’s difficult to find who to send your work to when you’re working on a new website, design project, or document, and waiting for their feedback can take a long time. 

Furthermore, you shouldn’t bombard them with screenshots and files. 

When you’re developing a website or designing something, getting feedback can take a long time. A screenshot project, for example, takes time because screenshots must be captured, emailed, and compiled into a single document after receiving feedback.

As it is, getting feedback from people isn’t easy, let alone having to explain in detail your work to them. 

Meet the Ruttl Lifetime Deal

The Ruttl platform allows real-time commenting on websites, web applications, PDF files, and images. Send multiple emails or wait for responses to collect comments & design feedback. In addition, you can edit in real-time!

Furthermore, if your team likes witty banter, getting feedback will be fun.

Ruttl Features

Easily share feedback with your clients and teammates by leaving comments on live websites or static images. You can also leave video comments using the easy visual feedback tool.

With real-time, seamless changes to font size, alignment, margins, padding, and more, developers can have precise control over the design.

If you have more than one static image, you can upload multiple versions and comment on each one. The fast website annotation tool allows you to rename, share, and delete image versions.

Annotate, record, and leave feedback on PDFs and images visually.

By leaving comments on your product, you can get precise feedback from your customers.

Share precise design feedback with your developers and designers by leaving comments and editing CSS elements.

You can raise tickets by commenting or recording a video when you spot an issue with your website. Your dashboard will reflect these tickets.

With visual comments, you can collect precise feedback on any URL. Use the Chrome extension to edit and review web applications.

Re-visit all the versions of your website or image that you worked on with Ruttl. Switch between different versions of the website to see all the changes you’ve made.

Integrate with 3000+ applications using Asana, Zapier, Slack, Trello, and more to come, like ClickUp, Monday, Microsoft Teams, Plutio, Figma, Teamwork, Zoom, Zendesk, Jira, & more.

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