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What is it? Get Personalized PR & Link-Building Opportunities

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Digital PR & link building can help your business, you know that!

But if you don’t wanna spend a lot of money hiring a professional agency, you have to spend a lot of time daily, to hunt opportunities across the internet on platforms like HARO, Twitter, PASE, Help a B2B writer & more to find expert opinion or a link building partnerships.

On top of this, you waste effort on a lot of days since you don’t find relevant opportunities daily & you may miss opportunities too since they have a deadline. To add to it, the opportunities are scarce AF.

So you need to invest time & resources or you just give up because you don’t have time & it’s not a priority. 🧐

SEO Box solves all these problems, say goodbye to time wasting manual searches and missed opportunities to find . 😎 

Get timely notifications in your inbox & chrome, matching your expertise, save time, and widen your online presence, grow organic traffic & build a brand.


  • SEO Box is an automated Ai based PR & link-building opportunities monitoring tool.
  • Save your time in daily email checks to find relevant PR & backlink opportunities.
  • Integrates with popular PR request platforms such as HARO, HelpAB2Bwriter, PASE, and more.
  • View & manage opportunities in a single dashboard.

Key Features of SEO Box

Personalized Request Notifications

Set up targeted keywords & filters, to get highly personalized PR request notifications. No more sifting irrelevant requests or missing out on potential opportunities.

AI-Based Monitoring

Mark opportunities as relevant to train our AI. Once trained, we send more relevant link building opportunities that are missed by your keyword targeting.


It seamlessly integrates with popular PR request platforms such as HARO, Qwoted, Twitter, HelpAB2Bwriter, PASE, and more. You can consolidate all your PR request monitoring into one centralized platform, eliminating the need for manual checking across multiple platforms.

Enhanced Online Presence

With, you can now effortlessly respond to relevant PR requests, build connections, and enhance your online presence and expert reputation. By freeing up your time from the monotonous task of monitoring, you can focus on what truly matters—engaging with opportunities and growing your brand.

Manage Submissions

Delegate access, send submissions & manage the status of various opportunities. presents a game-changing solution to the PR request monitoring process. By automating and streamlining the tedious task of monitoring multiple platforms, we enable professionals to focus on what they do best—responding to opportunities, building connections, and enhancing their online presence.


In conclusion, is beneficial for any users looking to streamline the tedious task of monitoring multiple platforms for PR & link-building opportunities.

SEO Box is a must for –

  1. PR Agencies can Boost Client’s Exposure & elevate their brand presence.
  2. Startup Founders can Amplify Startup Visibility with free media coverage
  3. Link Builders can improve backlink profiles & organic traffic
  4. Subject Matter Experts can build a personal brand & establish authority in your niche

So, Take the first step towards link-building success and seize your monthly deal spot now!

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SEO Box Monthly Deal

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