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ShopPop Shopify Lifetime Deal

Increase Your Shopify Store Conversion.
Expired July 26, 2022
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ShopPop Shopify Lifetime Deal

The idea of collecting emails of everyone browsing your online store is a fantastic idea especially if you’re in the 1990’s.

Customers who are searching to purchase from you are everywhere social media. Social Media. Chat with them via Facebook Messenger, and convert them to purchase more products from you.

I’m sure you don’t have the time to accomplish that every day and out.

ShopPop is your preferred messenger marketing tool that streamlines your communications with customers, starting from Customer Support through Cart abandonment, returning items for sale, receipts for purchases and more.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Alternative for: Manychat

Perfect for: Ecommerce Agencies, Ecommerce Store Owners, Shopify Stores

25+ Plug and Play Templates to Automate the Messenger Marketing

Native Integration with Shopify & Facebook Messenger Ads

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Begin by integrating ShopPop by integrating it with the Facebook pages you have.

Once you’ve connected, you’ll be able to begin responding to messages from within the application. It is then possible to create automatic responses to your initial introduction a.k.a that first moment customers visit the FB page.

You can also create automated responses based upon the terms your customers type into.

ShopPop keeps an eye on all the people you’ve interacted with over time. This is useful when you’re looking to build a Custom Facebook Audiences for advertisements or make campaigns that target certain groups of people.

The first tool for e-commerce, ShopPop can be used to just connect the app to your store and automate each phase of the customer experience including but not just Return on Stock or Cart abandonment.

You can also create personalized notifications that inform your customers regarding coming products and deals at your store.

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