SimilarMail Lifetime Deal
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SimilarMail Lifetime Deal

Email analytics including EDM, newsletters, email design, email template and marketing emails.
Expired March 11, 2020
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SimilarMail Lifetime Deal

SimilarMail Lifetime Deal helps you to improve your campaigns and newsletters depend on current patterns and hard information.

Get insights, track statistics, and explore a collection of over 2,500,000 email designs from 20,000 leading brands. SimilarMail, the new standard in email analytics.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Follow and learn email marketing strategies from leading brands.

Bookmark and follow your brands and receive a weekly summary and email digests.

View emails timing in timeline view or calendar view.

Bookmark, Search, Edit and Download designs.

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SimilarMail Features

Largest Archive of Marketing Emails

Get insights, track statistics, and explore an assortment of over 2,500,000 email designs from 20,000 leading brands. SimilarMail Lifetime Deal, the new standard in email analytics.

Get inspiration for content marketing and email design

Gain an understanding of current trends. Discover design inspirations from leading brands. Write the best subjects and design the most viral emails. Access newsletter archive of significant brands.

Send the right email at the right time

Use data insights to increase open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Follow and find out e-mail marketing strategies from leading brands

Uncover global keyword trends. Discover marketing campaigns from competitors. Plan your marketing calendar by tracking content and trends for important holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, and so many more.

Analyze content and subjects

Learn what exactly are the best content and subject strategies using our content and subject analysis stats and spam prediction (just around the corner). Identify the best subject lines using our SubjectAI technology (just around the corner) powered by machine learning.

Discover email technologies employed by top sites

Identify marketing automation technologies such as Mailchimp, Sendgrip, Mailgun, Getresponse, Intercom, etc.

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