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Solid Affiliate Lifetime Deal

Affiliate Plugin for WordPress.
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Solid Affiliate Lifetime Deal

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. With millions of websites using WordPress, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

However, with all the benefits, there are also some limitations. One being that WordPress doesn’t have an affiliate system built-in.

That’s where Solid Affiliate comes in!

Solid Affiliate is a powerful new affiliate plugin for WordPress that set-up an affiliate program to your WooCommerce store.

With this plugin, you can offer your website visitors the chance to become an affiliate for any of your products. It will help you generate more revenue with little effort on your end, and provide additional value for your customers.

From its automatic tracking and mass payouts to its unlimited affiliates, you’ll have everything you need to get started with this powerful WordPress plugin in no time!

Highlights (TL;DR):

Start Your Very Own Affiliate System in Under 10 Minutes.

Instant Integration with WooCommerce & WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Supports Both Complex & Simple Commission Rates.

Automate Your Payouts with PayPal.

Solid Affiliate Video Review

Solid Affiliate Review - WordPress Affiliate Plugin For WooCommerce

Table of Contents:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:54 Solid Affiliate lifetime deal
  • 01:15 What is Affiliate marketing?
  • 03:19 Difficulty of setting up affiliate program
  • 04:56 Solid Affiliate plugin demo
  • 05:33 Setup wizard
  • 07:29 Affiliate portal page setup
  • 09:53 Affiliate portal program setup
  • 10:28 Affiliate sign-up form setup
  • 14:23 Registering as an affiliate
  • 16:45 Affiliate user dashboard
  • 20:12 Solid Affiliate analytics & notifications
  • 21:24 Approval and rejecting affiliates
  • 23:07 Manage Solid affiliate emails
  • 27:30 Setting up global referral rates
  • 28:40 Setting up affiliate referral links & tracking data
  • 35:57 Advanced affiliate commission rates
  • 36:11 Setup different affiliate commissions for each product
  • 38:16 Live affiliate commission sales testing
  • 41:15 Live commission stats on affiliate portal
  • 43:06 Setting up affiliate groups (tiers)
  • 45:07 Setup different affiliate commissions for each user
  • 46:08 Setup per product per affiliate commissions
  • 47:45 Commission rates management dashboard
  • 49:34 Making payouts to affiliates (automatic & manual)
  • 54:03 Creating promotion materials for affiliates
  • 55:31 Setting up newsletter for affiliates
  • 56:27 Setting up ReCaptcha for forms
  • 56:47 Solidaffiliate roadmap
  • 58:19 Conclusion

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Solid Affiliate Lifetime Deal

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