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What is it? Manage All Your Recurring Subscriptions in One Place

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Are you tired of losing track of your many subscription services? Are you overwhelmed when trying to keep up with all the renewals and end dates each month? Are you looking for an easier way to manage your recurring expenses?

Subly provides the perfect solution to help you keep track of your subscriptions and keep you in control of your budget.

Subly’s comprehensive toolset allows you to easily review, manage, and set end dates for your subscriptions. You’ll never have to worry about missing a renewal date again.

With Subly lifetime deal, you can have peace of mind knowing that all of your subscriptions are taken care of!


Comprehensive Expense Tracking

Subly is a service that makes it easier to keep track of recurring expenses, like subscriptions and bills. It allows users to manually enter their expenses, and in the future, it will be possible to link bank accounts and other data sources for automated expense tracking.


This feature allows workspace owners to selectively invite team members and limit their access to specific projects. This allows workspace owners to control who can view, add, edit, and delete data in the workspace, giving them greater control over their workspace and the data it contains.

Reports & Analytics

Subly provides users with comprehensive reports and analytics to help them track and analyze their expenses. Through customized charts and monthly reports organized by project, users can gain valuable insights into their spending, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Custom Reminders

This feature allows users to receive reminders through their preferred channel, such as email, Telegram, Slack, or any other channel supported by Webhooks. It also allows them to customize their reminders according to their individual needs and preferences.


This feature allows users to set a predetermined budget for projects or folders and receive alerts when expenses get close to the limit. This is useful for ensuring that projects are not overspending and that budgets remain within set limits. It also provides a way to monitor spending in real time, allowing users to adjust spending as needed.


What can users track with Subly?

Users can track all their recurring expenses in one place, including subscriptions, memberships, and regular bills.

What is currently available for editing in Subly?

Only manual editing is available at the moment.

What can team members do in a workspace when invited?

The users you invite can add, edit and delete data in your workspace.

What kind of reports and analytics does Subly provide?

Subly provides detailed reports and analytics, giving users valuable insights into their expenses and helping them make informed decisions. Charts and monthly reports divided by project.

What channels can users receive reminders on with Subly?

Users can choose to receive reminders via email, Telegram, Slack, or any other channel via Webhooks, which can be customized according to their needs and preferences.


In conclusion, Subly is an intuitive and reliable software for tracking expenses, managing recurring bills and subscriptions, and providing insightful reports and analytics.

It brings multiple features to the table, including manual editing and notifications across different channels. Subly helps with staying on top of business spending, reducing it where possible and helping better financially manage resources.

Give Subly a go and gain control over your finances with ease!

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