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Tachitools Lifetime Deal
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Tachitools Lifetime Deal: Trending Topic Finder

Trending Topic Finder
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Tachitools Lifetime Deal: Trending Topic Finder

Use the coupon code PIRATE50 and get a lifetime deal of 50% and get 25 searches for just $4.99 where each search consists of up to 5 keywords.


The Tachitools, Trending Topic Finder helps you find and discover search trends before they become a trend.

With the Tachitools Trending Topic finder, all you have to do is:

  • Enter up to 5 keywords related to your topic of interest
  • Select the date range and country that you wish to gain insight into
  • And we do the rest

TachiTools Trending Topic Finder then finds all fast-rising search terms and keywords related to the 5 keywords you have entered. This data is based on the millions of searches that occur on Google.

Watch the Tachitools Trending Topic finder in action below:

How to use Tachitools Step by step

Tachitools Highlights

  • Find Search Trends before they become a trend
  • Discover what people are searching for on Google
  • Uncover profitable niches by finding fast-rising searches for your area of interest
  • Specify up to 5 main keywords and we do the rest

Key Features of Tachitools

Have you ever wondered what millions of searchers on Google are searching for?

Well, you now have a way of finding that information and using it as a content creator, drop shipper, e-commerce entrepreneur, journalist or as an investor.

  • Leveraging Google – We leverage the search data on Google from across the world to access millions of searches so that we can bring you the wisdom of the crowds
  • Fast Rising Keywords – When you enter up to 5 related keywords that describe your area of interest, we dive into the large pool of Google data and bring you back the fast-rising keywords in the geography and time frame you specify.

Based on the information you find, you can re-query our site and validate the findings that you discover.

Find trending keywords & related keywords on any blog post as you read with the Trending Keyword Hunter Chrome Extension from TachiTools.

Click here to download this Chrome Extension.

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