Traek Yearly Deal

You got a website, but no one is coming to you.

You invest hours into your site, hoping to earn revenue but never seeing a cent.

It’s frustrating, is not it?

However, do you know that your website may still collect data from visitors? Let us take the magic away from you.

Presenting Traek.

Traek can help you identify the businesses that visit your website by recording your website visitors. By generating up to 4x more leads, identifying a lead’s score, and closing them, you can turn those visitors into cold leads.

Highlights (TL;DR):

With Traek’s sophisticated lead finder and tracking solution, you can automatically transform a website visitor into a qualified lead.

Get daily lead flow based on your traffic size with this easy-to-use, highly precise lead matching mechanism.

Alternative to Happierleads, Leadfeeder, Visitorqueue, Albacross, ZoomInfo, and Lusha.

For small businesses, huge corporations, and any website with more than 500 monthly visits.

Traek Features

Recognize the Anonymous Site Visitors

It’s difficult to keep track of all the leads who visit your site, and it’s even more difficult to know which ones are worth pursuing. You not only have to identify possible leads, but you also have to try to connect with them, which takes time and resources.

What if they come to your site but don’t buy? It’s possible you’ll never find out. gives you knowledge on the companies that visit your site as well as information on their social media presence and technological stack, solving all of these issues. You can quickly focus your efforts on the right people by using the lead scoring system, which gives you insight into which leads are most likely to convert.

On the Dashboard, You Can See Everything at Once

For most business owners, dispersed data, particularly when it’s cold, is the biggest issue. As a result, income is lost. All of your visitors who turned into leads are managed under a single dashboard with

Convert Leads Instantly Using Live Chat

You’re failing to attract new leads because you don’t react fast enough. They may have already gone to a competitor by the time you contact them. enables you to engage with prospective clients as soon as they arrive on your website through a real-time chat.

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  • Get yearly access for just $239.99 one-time payment.
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