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getkeywords review and discount

Quick Review & Rating

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GetKeywords is an online real-time keyword research software that helps you do accurate keyword research by providing data from multiple sources.

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You can check full Getkeywords review at Clicktug.

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Video Jumpoints

0:00 Intro
0:48 What I will not cover in this video
1:28 Why it’s a long video & how to use jump-points
1:54 How am I qualified to do this review?
2:22 How to get an additional 20% OFF
3:08 What is
3:34 Main differences between GetKeywords & Others?
6:25 How this video is organized for easy understanding

6:34 All different types of keyword sources
6:56 Google Adwords keyword tool
7:22 Related keyword tool
7:35 Google suggest keyword tool
8:14 Questions keyword tool
8:43 Deep LSI keyword tool
9:52 Youtube suggest keyword tool
10:12 Amazon suggest keyword tool
10:20 eBay suggest keyword tool
10:32 Google Adwords by URL keyword tool
11:25 Related keywords by URL keyword tool
11:36 Organic keywords by URL keyword tool
11:45 Paid keywords by URL keyword tool
12:05 Bulk keywords research software

12:36 How I am going to make it easy to understand

13:02 GetKeywords search features and functionalities

13:15 Search by global, countries, states & cities
14:09 Search by keyword languages
14:55 Top devices & how to optimize based on that?
16:36 Top locations to local SEO?
18:02 Top advertisers & how you find more targetted keywords?
19:22 Top questions & why it’s important for SEO & marketing?

21:31 Keyword data analysis overview

21:46 How to save keyword list & best use cases for it?
23:45 Export keywords to CSV, PDF & Copy to Clipboard
24:20 How do advanced keyword filtering works?

26:56 SERP Analysis overview

27:18 Exact match domain checker, and is it important?
28:29 Average keyword difficulty & how it’s calculated
29:19 Keyword search trend & how to measure industry growth
29:49 Clickthrough rate for Search trend
31:07 Total Search results index
31:29 Keyword bounce rate
32:36 Organic clicks & why it’s for your No.1 ranking?
33:33 Advanced search listings features in top 10
34:21 Advanced SERP competitor analysis (Why PA & DA not included)
36:30 How to get SERP stats for other sites which are not in top 10

37:21 What is coming and Road map

37:27 Simplifying the dashboard for beginners
37:48 Whitelabel graphic report
38:11 Top traffic sources
38:31 City level SERP results
38:47 Improve data sources
39:14 Maret audience analysis

39:47 GetKeywords Pros & Cons

39:52 PROS
41:48 CONS

44:33 More help, doubts on
45:05 Join our private Facebook group for digital marketing
45:24 Get SaaS Lifetime Deal with Over 90% Discount

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Dropshipping Keyword Research Using GetKeywords

– Go to GetKeywords. πŸ™†πŸ»
β €
– Search Method Amazon Keywords with your location and search for any major niche – Let’s say “Chair” and it’ll give you hundreds of keywords & micro-niches on that.
β €
– Now sort them by Amazon CPC. It’s the average cost for Sponsored Product on Amazon. Higher Amazon CPC, means the product is having higher-margin or higher demand obviously. πŸ€‘
β €
– Now filter out few interesting micro-niches from the list, based on Amazon Search Volume & Number of Organic products. Higher number of organic products, means better possibility in that niche & higher searches means better demand. πŸ€”
β €
– Now create a list, and put all those keywords in that list. Your 50% Gold mine is ready. If you’re going for Amazon list, here we’re done.
β €
– On top right, You can see Top Questions – Export them in TXT file. We’re gonna use that in FAQ page, and in product page content – to grab even better user attention. πŸ€“
β €
– Now choose Keyword List search method, Select your List, and select your location ( Upto city level like Rajkot, Gujarat, India and so on ) depending on your business model – Local or Online store. 🏑
β €
– And here you have all the data. Again filter them out using Google Search Volume. Use last 4 year trend data to see if it’s really worth to invest in this niche and is the demand growing or not. In physical market, It’s highly suggested that you choose using long-term data like 3-4 years and understand product trend. πŸ™‚
β €
– Also you can see if EMD is available or not for that niche. If it’s – You’re ready to grow even more rapidly.
β €
– Now you’ve almost all the data, and let’s say you’ve chosen 10 micro-niches from that.
β €
– Definitely now go to your product provider, and see the best possible product available. And see which one is best for you. ❀
β €
– Now it’s time to build content. Put your selected keyword, and use Google Ads method. It’ll give you a lot of new varients for your product content.

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What Keyword Research Types Available?

βœ”οΈ Google Adwords βœ”οΈ Related Keywords βœ”οΈ Google Suggest βœ”οΈ Question Keywords βœ”οΈ Deep LSI βœ”οΈ YouTube Suggest βœ”οΈ Amazon Suggest βœ”οΈ eBay Suggest βœ”οΈ Adwords Suggestion by Domain βœ”οΈ Related Keywords by Domain βœ”οΈ Organic Keywords by Domain βœ”οΈ Paid Keywords by Domain βœ”οΈ Bulk Upload
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Group Leads Pros & Cons


  • Realtime data with multiple data sources
  • Multiple keywords sources to explore
  • Easy to use dashboard & mobile-friendly
  • Ability do keyword research by global, countries, states and cities
  • Over 60+ languages are supported
  • Advanced metrics shown, such as the ability to see device ratios, shows the top location, show advertisers.
  • Generates longtails keywords and questions which people asking online
  • Keyword list feature, copy to clipboard, export to CSV & PDF
  • Advanced keyword filtering
  • Domain availability checker
  • Shows search trend up to 4 years
  • Shows clickthrough, organic clicks data & bounce data
  • Shows the competitor rankings keywords, traffic, backlinks, FB, and keyword in the title
  • Comprehensive SERP analysis with the ability to check data for more than the top 10 websites
  • 7-day free trial


  • Take 3-10 seconds to load keyword data (This is because of realtime data and they looking to optimize it)
  • It’s not unlimited, but the plan limits keywords & SERPs analysis count
  • It does not show advanced backlink data (actual links) but only shows the total backlink count
  • No rank tracking module
  • No documentation ( But my video explain everything πŸ˜‰ )
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