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Long Tail Pro Credit Deal
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Long Tail Pro Credit Deal

Keyword research software that helps you find thousands of long-tail keywords.
Expired August 5, 2023
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Long Tail Pro Credit Deal

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research software.

Long Tail Pro allows the user to generate hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in a matter of minutes based on 1 single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.

Long Tail Pro allows you to generate much more than 800 keywords using the data from the Google keyword tool.

Highlights (TL;DR):

3 Tried-And-Tested Methods for Keyword Research.

Be Ahead in Search: Tools to Spy on Your Competitors.

Become a Long Tail Pro Expert – WorkShops & Tutorials.

Measuring Keyword Competitiveness Has Never Been This Easy.

Cut the Guesswork: Get Updated Rank Data Daily.

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How Long Tail Pro Works

  1. Enter seed keywords and get hundreds of suggestions
  2. Run keyword & competitor analysis predicated on 13 metrics
  3. Determine Keyword Profitability with Rank Value
  4. Stay on top of your ratings with Rank Tracker

About Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a robust keyword research software. Long Tail Pro allows the user to create hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in a matter of minutes based on 1 single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.

Long Tail ProThe dependence on Long Tail Pro was created from the experience of spending many hours searching for low competition keywords.

Long Tail Pro gives you to generate a lot more than 800 keywords using the info from the Google keyword tool.

To learn more about the benefits and top features of Long Tail Pro, visit our Long Tail Pro Software Page.

Long Tail Pro is a product created by Spencer Haws from NichePursuits.com.

He has been involved with Internet Marketing for about 5 years and is rolling out hundreds of long-tail websites.

Keyword Research

Get Long Tail Keyword Ideas from Head Terms

With Long Tail Pro, all it requires is an individual seed keyword to get right up to 400 long-tail keywords within minutes.

Have to find keywords that meet your requirements fast?

No problem – create filters predicated on your average CPC bid, search volume, rank value, and so many more. Bid farewell to never-ending spreadsheets and simplify your keyword selection process!

Check Out What’s Working for Your Competitors

Sometimes, the best way to do keyword research is to let your competition do all the tasks.

By switching to the Competitor Keywords mode, you focus on a competitor’s page or domain URL and watch for as Long Tail Pro dissects their keyword strategy. Compare the keyword suggestions using all the metrics that matter.

Skip the number crunching and get the right to keywords that are which can work!

Get to Know Your Keywords More

Already got the keyword you will need?

Be sure it causes profitable results. Use Long Tail Pro to pull up keyword metrics immediately and understand how well it’ll improve your campaign.

About 200 manual keyword entries can be done at a time – nothing to slow you down!

Keyword Competitiveness

Among the must-have features in a keyword suggestion tool is ways to measure difficulty.

Other keyword research tools break down their keyword competitiveness into three levels: Low, Medium, and High.

Long Tail Pro takes keyword competitiveness to a completely new level.

Using the common keyword competitiveness metric, you can calculate the viability of keyword ideas for your brand over a scale of 0 to 100.

Don’t allow a plethora of meaningless metrics from other tools to turn your keyword analysis into paralysis – let Long Tail Pro’s proprietary algorithm do the heavy lifting for you, providing you only relevant keyword data.

All you have to do is enter your domain URL to your Long Tail Pro and calibrate the keyword competitiveness recommendation for assembling your project.

The tool color-codes keywords according to their difficulty, with green being easy, yellow being moderately difficult, and unshaded being out of your reach.

Spy on your Competitors

Long Tail Pro can be an SEO keyword tool that will help you dominate your competition.

After producing long-tail keyword ideas, you can conduct a site competitive analysis of the most notable sites that appear in SERPs or SEARCH ENGINE Pages.

Uncover in-depth metrics such as Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Site Age, and Referring Domains to gauge your chances of outranking them.

You can also copy a competitor’s page URL and plug it into the keyword research tool to get a glimpse of their keyword strategy.

Wondering should you use the keyword for SEO or PPC? Long Tail Pro shows a SERP breakdown for Google keyword ideas that reflect the very best method, whether it be PPC or organic and natural listings.

Rank Tracker

Running your marketing campaigns predicated on “guesstimates” can be detrimental for your business.

Hard, raw data must guide your every move. That’s why Long Tail Pro includes a built-in Rank Tracker to help you determine if your strategy works.

The Rank Tracker gives you to check the keyword ranking of your website on keyphrases. Enter your domain or page URL and complete your target keywords.

Long Tail Pro will update your ratings for each and every keyword (daily) to help you create even the most important of decisions.

Long Tail Bootcamp

Give yourself a head focus on Long Tail Pro’s library of video lessons that cover a plethora of subject areas – from finding seed keywords to creating content that rakes in quality backlinks.

Begin your journey with Long Tail Bootcamp, which covers the basics of keyword research and activities beyond the Long Tail Pro platform.

Following the basics, jump into Long Tail University for more complex lessons about digital marketing, competitive analysis, link constructing, and content strategy.

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