Happyforms Lifetime Deal
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HappyForms Lifetime Deal

All-in-one WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create attractive forms that encourage conversions.
Expired March 10, 2020
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HappyForms Lifetime Deal

HappyForms lifetime deal and a better way to build WordPress forms, sign-ups, surveys, polls, and checkouts.

WordPress form builder you need to manage and respond to conversations with customers.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Build customized lead generation forms easily with a drag-and-drop live form builder.

Best for: WordPress site owners looking to create effective forms that visitors will actually use.

Get feedback from leads and customers using surveys and polls that display live results.

Manage, update, and track form performance from one convenient dashboard.

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HappyForms can be an all-in-one WordPress plugin, which means it is easy to create attractive forms that encourage conversions.

Forms are an essential method for your business to talk to leads and customers, but building them does not have to be intimidating.

With HappyForms, you’ll have high-conversion forms for your WordPress site in fewer steps than your Korean skincare routine.

The HappyForms live page builder gives you to build and customize single or multi-page forms with straightforward drag-and-drop functionality.

The very best part is, you don’t suffer from clunky previews because your forms are designed directly in the WordPress customizer.

HappyForms lets you build unlimited forms and receive unlimited responses without hidden drip fees-now that’s something to smile about!

The plugin offers a selection of features to customize forms to meet your needs, such as password protection and pop-ups.

You can even schedule forms showing up and hide at specific dates and times, which is well suited for limited-time deals, promos, and contests.

Want to get feedback from your leads and customers?

Easily create live polls to survey people and display the leads to visitors, like the vote count and total percentage.

HappyForms makes it easy to see and manage all of your sign-up, survey, poll, and checkout forms from the WordPress dashboard.

If you need to make an update to a form or correct the one that isn’t performing well, you can access and edit the form easily by simply clicking the proper execution title and making adjustments.

With the experience dashboard, you’ll be able to track submissions and get a synopsis of most form activity.

Advanced filters help you quickly search and sort your responses by form, time, status, and device, which means you never lose an eye on submissions.

Plus, each response optionally includes useful metadata like timezone, platform, IP address, and language.

And how about visitors who leave without submitting their form?

Well, you can angrily shake your fist at them, or you may use HappyForms to save lots of abandoned responses and capture data from these visitors for future insights.

Once you’ve customized and launched your form, it’s period to sit back watching the leads roll in.

HappyForms makes it easy to track the performance of your forms from the analytics dashboard.

You’ll discover which forms are performing best and which desire a bit more work.

You can even view data on form completion, abandonment rates, device usage, and more, then use these insights to boost your forms for higher conversions.

If you’re unhappy with the conversions your current internet-based forms are delivering, it’s the perfect time to take them to the next level.

With an easy-to-use interface and a name that sparks joy, HappyForms can help you build effective and customized forms very quickly!

Already love the free version of HappyForms? This deal is open to both new and existing users who want to upgrade their current accounts.

Why You Need HappyForms?

More conversations with leads

Forms designed for high-conversion conversations with your visitors.

Super-simple live form builder

No clunky previews. Build your forms directly in the WordPress customizer.

Elementor, SiteOrigin, Divi setup

Incredibly easy setup with all the current top WordPress pages and site builders.

Reliable message delivery

Have satisfaction knowing your messages are receiving delivered.

Follow-up sales funnels

With simple submission redirects and a suite of tools to control responses.

Miss the hassle of spam messages

Built-in Honeypot and ReCaptcha spam protection for messages.

HappyForms Features

File upload part

Meet our Attachment part. Limit uploads by file size, file type, and file count.

Dashboard analytics

See data on abandonment rates, device usage, form completion, and much more.

Save abandoned responses

Sometimes people leave before completing your form. Capture this data quickly.

Multi-page forms

Split long forms over several pages. Easy drag and drop page creation.

Open form in a pop-up

Open your form in a pop-up modal window. Easy to create with a single click.

Password protection

Only let individuals who have a secret password see and react to your forms.

Form date/time scheduler

Set your forms to show and hide at specific times and dates. Ideal for competitions.

Limit quantity of form responses

Limit the amount of responses perform and set just how many responses people can submit.

Unlimited forms and responses

No hidden drip fees! Create unlimited forms with unlimited responses.

Advanced filtering of responses

Search your responses by form, time, status, and device for easy responding.

Poll spend the live results

Survey people and display results to visitors, including vote count and percentage total.

Log IP addresses

Along with every response, see metadata like timezone, platform, IP, and language.

Conditional logic

Show or hide form parts or email different addresses with smart conditional logic.

Recaptcha integration

Eliminate spam once and for all with super-effective and easy-to-use reCaptcha.

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