IMGHaste Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

IMGHaste Lifetime Deal

Optimize Your Images & Speed Up Your Website.
Expired December 16, 2021
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IMGHaste Lifetime Deal

Imghaste is an image optimization CDN service that compresses your website images and delivers it to your audience through CDN for the closest server to reduce speed for user experience and SEO.

Imghaste Review, How to Setup, Results, Compare with ShortPixel

Highlights (TL;DR):

Serving from 550+ Edge Servers worldwide provide a faster content delivery all over the world.

AVIF, WebP, Client Hints, Size reduction, Effective Connection Type, Progressive JPEGs, Interlaced PNGs and many more.

With the power of Service Workers, we are able to offer you enterprise-level solutions for your website at the cost of €€. comes with a Plug & Play Service Worker. That will do all the work for your.

Keep all benefits, leverage the flexibility imghaste provides, and stay on top of search results.

Serve your images at the right dimensions using the power of Client Hints.

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What CDN Does Imghaste Use?

Cloudflare, Cloudfront, BelugaCDN, and their own cluster.

How is Credit Consumption Calculated?

  • When you first request an image for optimization, it consumes one credit.
  • Then it automatically set 1-month expiration by default.
  • Then this image stays at CDN Cache and will be served from the closest endpoint (Only consumes credit bandwith)
  • Until CDN cache expires
  • Once the CDN cache expires, and the image is reaccessed then one credit is consumed.

Benefits of Using Imghaste over Shortpixel

  • Images even compress images from CSS files and ajax requests.
  • Imghaste won’t change your URLs nor point to an external domain (Whitelabel)

Limitations of Using Imghaste over Shortpixel

  • It uses Service worker which is not available in 7% of browser versions
  • Speed optimization test from GTmetrix or Pingdom will not be possible due to imghaste optimizes using personalization as well as will not charge for traffic coming from bots.

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4 thoughts on “IMGHaste Lifetime Deal”

  1. Just spoke with Giorgos Giakoumettis tonight about #imghaste. There was an issue with my the installation of the product on my WordPress website and he took the time to custom install the program and did a full side-by-side comparison like Alston Antony demonstrates in his video review and showed how much faster my site was with the service worker.

    We then had an at length conversation about how monthly credits are spent and about the coming features of #Imghaste like html and page caching and notifications.

    The support for this service is world class and I feel much better with my purchase knowing that the developer takes such care with his customers.

    + PROS:

    Great Support
    Coming Updates

  2. This is a great service that does exactly what it promises (and more) – but it’s the customer service that’s the real clincher; the best I’ve experienced in a very long while.

    I contacted IMGHaste because of some retina image quirks on a managed website (after installing the CDN), and Giorgos worked with me through every single step of the resolution – even waiting patiently as said website kept timing out In the end, we discovered it was an embedded script in the site theme casing the hiccup, and so removed it together.

    Similar to the other review on this page, we talked more broadly about image speeds, what IMGHaste can and won’t do (e.g. retina images), and Giorgos even suggested to get in touch regarding the timeout issues on the site.

    It’s the first time in a while I’ve felt really valued as a customer.

    I’ll definitely be stacking up on the credits for this, as it’s an absolute steal.

    + PROS:

    – Awesome customer service
    – Easy-to-use features
    – Impressive image compression


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