Jepto Digital Marketing Intelligence Lifetime Deal
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Jepto Lifetime Deal – Marketing Intelligence and Automation

Get real-time forecasts and automate data analytics with machine learning technology.
Expired May 1, 2020

Jepto Lifetime Deal – Marketing Intelligence and Automation

Jepto is an electronic assistant that uses machine learning how to identify anomalies, get predictions and insights, and automate tasks.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Maximize your data with intelligent machine learning that predicts key performance indicators.

Best for: Data-driven marketing agencies who want to streamline tracking metrics with the help of automation.

Automate repetitive data monitoring tasks, and detect and track anomalies with customizable alerts.

Alternative to: GA Insights.

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Jepto Features

Anomaly Detection

When something seems odd on your data, you may know about it right away. Implementing a Machine Learning algorithm, with configurable sensitivity settings, you’ll be informed about any events.
You’re in full control of the settings to make sure you’re not under or over alerted for every metric you wish to monitor.


Work smarter, not harder, with the assistance of automation. Automation tasks enable you to do things that are not possible and free you.
Do not waste any more time on assessing data daily. Set up and begin seeing actionable Insights.

KPI Management

Establish KPI’s for yourself or customers and see them all in 1 place. Custom alarms with Email and Slack help become proactive and keep your staff up. Use the most recent Machine Learning algorithms to predict your KPIs by utilizing your historical data so that you can reach your target every time.

Budget Tracking

Easily monitor client budgets with Campaign level granularity and cater for rollover. With custom and monthly date intervals, you can ditch the spreadsheet. Schedule alarms through Slack and Email to make sure that everything is performing as anticipated.

Agency Portfolio

Using a successful Agency with a lot of clients is a significant problem to have, but keeping track of everything can be difficult. Jepto is designed to scale and provides a perspective of your portfolio’s health across all attributes to you.


Connectivity is in the heart of Jepto, and we integrate with Slack, Zapier, and Data Studio. Produce customized workflows and conversations that extend beyond what’s possible with any single instrument.

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