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LazyApply Lifetime Deal

Automate Your Job Application Process.
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LazyApply Lifetime Deal

Job hunting can be lonely and tedious. As a twenty-something, we know the feeling of scrolling through job after job, with no luck.

You have to find jobs you’re qualified for, write personalized cover letters and upload resumes, all while fighting off competition from other people who are applying to the same position.

This is where LazyApply comes in.

Their mission is to make the search for your dream job as simple as possible, by automating all of the LinkedIn and Indeed jobs that match your criteria.

It then automatically applies to all of them with one click. Utilizing technology in this way is an excellent way to cut down on the amount of time needed to complete multiple applications.

From resume optimization to interview tips, LazyApply has got you covered with everything you need to ace your next job!

Highlights (TL;DR):

Automate the job application process & instantly on 100’s of jobs in one click.

Perfect for recruiters, employer, students, etc.

Apply to all of the jobs on networks like Indeed and LinkedIn.

CV improvement tips & cold email templates.

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What’s included in this deal:

  • Unlimited Emails from Linkedin
  • Linkedin and Indeed job automation
  • Cold Email Templates
  • CV Improvement Tips
  • 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Get lifetime access for just $67 one-time payment.

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