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Lucy Lifetime Deal

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Lucy Lifetime Deal

It can be difficult and time-consuming to hire the right talent. The hiring process involves posting a job, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and then selecting a candidate.

Talent is difficult to find, and deciding if they’re the right fit is even more difficult.

It can take a great deal of time and effort to manage the hiring process. It can take valuable time to sift through resumes, schedule interviews, and check references.

Meet Lucy Lifetime Deal

Lucy is virtual interviewing software that simplifies and streamlines the hiring process. All of these functions can be handled online with Lucy, whether you’re posting jobs, reviewing resumes, or conducting interviews. It also offers an easy-to-use interface for selecting the most suitable candidates.

By having candidates self-record video answers to your interview questions, you can screen candidates more efficiently and gain more insight into them.

Recruiting talent from all over the world is now easier, cutting down the amount of time you spend searching for candidates.


  • Through virtual recruiting software, Lucy automates the recruiting process and manages, selects, and hires candidates.
  • Similar to: Velents, Sparkhire, Playhunt, and Interivewai.
  • The UI and UX are intuitive, the platform is easy to use, and it is very stable.
  • A wise choice for freelancers, small businesses, and agencies

Lucy Features

  • Get insights from virtual interviews by conducting them with interview questions.
  • You won’t waste hours interviewing people who aren’t right for you when you can conduct an End-to-End on-demand interview with Lucy.
  • Track candidates and manage your hiring process through Lucy’s Applicant Tracking System. Candidate management can be streamlined and time-to-fill can be significantly reduced.
  • Conducting asynchronous interviews is a very effective way to increase hiring efficiency.

Use Cases of Lucy

  • SMEs and agencies that have multiple departments and job roles can conduct asynchronous interviews.
  • Auditioning can be conducted by management companies.
  • Exams and interviews can be conducted online by schools.
  • Companies and founders can interview angel investors virtually.

Check out Lucy Lifetime Deal

  • Get lifetime access for just $49 one-time payment.

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