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PlayHunt Lifetime Deal: Video Survey Tool

Video Survey Cloud Service
Expired July 23, 2023
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PlayHunt Lifetime Deal: Video Survey Tool


Are you having trouble finding the right candidate for your company? Do you feel like your pre-screening process is too time-consuming and inefficient?

PlayHunt Lifetime Deal is here to help.

This cloud-based video survey tool makes it easy to ask the right questions and quickly identify the best candidates for your company. With PlayHunt, you can pre-screen candidates efficiently, saving you time and effort while ensuring you find the right fit for the job.

Don’t wait, get your PlayHunt Lifetime Deal today and start finding the right candidate for your company right away!


Quick Start

Playhunt makes it easy to get started by allowing users to log in and input questions in less than a minute. After signing up, users can quickly send links to their candidates and keep track of the latest updates from other candidates.

Job Openings Management

Allows users to quickly and easily create a list of interview questions tailored to the job opening they are looking to fill. This feature streamlines the interview process and helps ensure that the right questions are asked of each candidate.

Reviewing Video Responses

This feature allows you to watch videos at your own pace by adjusting playback speed, pausing at any time, taking notes, and expressing likes/dislikes. This is useful for quickly reviewing material, allowing for more efficient use of time, and for easily sharing responses with others.

Customize It

This feature allows applicants to customize the look and feel of their interview pages by adding their logo, domain, and other customization options. This helps applicants to feel more comfortable and better represent themselves during the interview process.

Available on All Platforms

This feature allows candidates to participate in an interview from any device they prefer, eliminating the need for complicated sign up or app installation processes. This makes the interview process more convenient for candidates, allowing them to take the interview from the device of their choice.


How long does it take to start using Playhunt?

Less than a minute.

How can one add questions on Playhunt?

On the first screen after logging in.

What can one view on Playhunt while adding questions?

Latest replies from other candidates.

How can one speed through videos on Playhunt?

By choosing a higher playback speed.

What devices can candidates use to pass interviews on Playhunt?

Laptop, tablet, or mobile.


In conclusion, Playhunt is an efficient platform that provides an array of features to help candidates master their interviews.

It can be used in any device and is easy to set up, taking less than a minute. You can add questions and view the latest replies from other candidates. Last but not least, you can speed through videos allowing you to pass your interviews faster and easier.

Sign up today and see how Playhunt can help you ace your interviews and reach your goals!

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