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Mindomo Discount Deal

Create Comprehensive Diagrams of Your Meetings, Lessons & Other Ideas with This Mind Mapping Tool.
Expired September 14, 2019
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Mindomo Discount Deal

Ditch writing important notes and ideas in long sentences with Mindomo. Mindomo is a web-based mind mapping tool, featuring functionality only found in the most advanced mind-mapping applications.

Quickly create mind maps using its easy interface and appropriate toolbars and keyboard shortcuts, and then share mind maps with friends and colleagues by providing a direct web link or by embedding them in an existing web page.

OpenDrive takes the headache out of the cloud by allowing you to easily share, manage, collaborate, and access all of your content online. Stay in sync with all of your data and never be without an important file again.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Create your mind maps by using the appropriate toolbars & keyboard shortcuts w/ easy to use interface.

Quickly find a certain piece of information or task on your mind map by using the search function.

Modify a task assignment, data structure, or change concepts by simply dragging & dropping topics on your mind map.

Control who can access your information & how much access people have to your mind maps by sharing your mind maps w/ other Mindomo users.

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Mindomo Features

Mind mapping for everything you need

Transform your life productivity, develop more ideas, and boost the effectiveness of your learning.

Explore the unseen connections

Connect the dots and understand the larger picture with concept mapping.

Give your ideas a linear flow

Build a blueprint of your plans and set yourself up for success.

Collaborative Online Gantt Charts

Engage your team and keep assembling your project up to date with collaborative Gantt Charts.

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