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DaySchedule Lifetime Deal

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DaySchedule Lifetime Deal

Most things in the business world have become virtual by now, and we live in the post-pandemic era.

Meetings are one of these events.

Managing all of our calls with our normal responsibilities may be very difficult every day. We’re constantly jumping from one phone call to another.

As a result, DaySchedule app was created.

With DaySchedule, you may schedule a meeting with others with ease. It is an integrated app that assists you in creating tailored scheduling pages.

You can even easily set location, availability, calendar, duration, and more.

DaySchedule will turn you into a meeting management specialist, so there will be no more no-shows or missing meetings.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Create your own customized meeting scheduler page – Share the link of the page & let others arrange meetings based on your availability.

Send custom feedback and rating requesting mails – Collect ratings and feedback for the services by sending out feedback asking emails.

Connect with PayPal, Stripe, etc to gather payments – Easily gather payments once meetings for your services or products.

Connect your Microsoft and Google calendar to sync the availability – No more meddling up the calendar. People could examine at what period you are available & shall schedule calls vice versa.

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