Mini Cart Drawer Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Mini Cart Drawer Lifetime Deal

Customize your WooCommerce cart with Mini Cart Drawer's many styles & effects.
Expired April 25, 2022

Mini Cart Drawer Lifetime Deal

If you use WooCommerce at all, you’ll know that one of the biggest frustrations is that the cart button on the page is always in the way.

And if you have a popup, you’ll also know how frustrating it is to click through a checkout process that you’ve already done just to get to the cart.

Mini Cart Drawer moves the cart button to the top of the screen, and it also allows you to customize the button so that it’s in the style of your site.

This plugin is a great way to provide an in-store experience to your online customer. It helps them complete the purchase process without having to leave the site.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Configure it with WP Customizer.

Showing tax information & coupon into mini cart.

Display a beautiful mini cart into your WooCommerce.

Add different discount rule.

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