PeerVadoo Lifetime Deal
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PeerVadoo Lifetime Deal

P2P CDN solution using WebRTC to reduce video streaming bandwidth cost and improve latency.
Expired February 2, 2021
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PeerVadoo Lifetime Deal

With each passing day, video streaming consumption is that. Needless to add, nowadays the streaming of video content has already dramatically raised the costs of CDN, buffering, latency costs, and this would just continue to affect the full user experience and your bills.

Using WebRTC to reduce video transmission bandwidth costs and increase latency for live-streaming and VOD channels, it is a P2P CDN solution!

PeerVadoo is an integration of the P2P SDK to reduce the video streaming expenses by up to 90 percent and reduce user re-buffering.

Hls.js, Shaka Player, JWPlayer, DPlayer, Plyr, FluidPlayer, Clappr, Flowplayer, MediaElement, Video.js. All major players are sponsored. It supports both HLS and DASH streaming protocols as well.

To minimize server costs and enhance scalability, PeerVadoo is driven by WebRTC, which distributes the load to users.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Deliver Video content at Highest Bit rate

Deliver to areas with poor coverage

End to end security & privacy encryption of data

Reduce bandwidth cost by ~50%

Scalable solution gets better with more users added

Connect with your existing platform in less than 30 mins using integration

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