Pixeluvo Review – Photo Editor Lifetime Deal

$11.99 $34
Pixeluvo Review – Photo Editor Lifetime Deal
Pixeluvo Review – Photo Editor Lifetime Deal
$11.99 $34

From Simple Photo Cropping to Complex Image Manipulation, Pixeluvo Makes Creating Beautiful Images Easy

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7.5 Total Score
Pixeluvo Review

A Beautifully Designed Image and Photo Editor for Windows and Linux

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Pixeluvo is a beautifully designed image and photo editor for Windows and Linux. From simple photo cropping and resizing to complex image manipulations and effects, Pixeluvo has it covered.

Pixeluvo contains a wide range of advanced features including non-destructive editing via adjustment layers, powerful color correction tools, realistic pressure-sensitive drawing tools, and many image enhancement filters.

Enjoy a fast, uncluttered editing experience with Pixeluvo.

  • Easily make your images look amazing w/ a modern, streamlined user interface
  • Create complex compositions using layers & masks
  • Use powerful image filters & effects, from detail boosting to lens flares & more
  • Simulate real media w/ the Paintbrush tool’s high-quality brush presets

Pixeluvo Features

Pixeluvo contains a wide range of advanced functions, including non-destructive editing and enhancing via modification layers, powerful color modification tools, realistic pressure-sensitive drawing tools, and many image development filters. Watch this video recording to see some of its features doing his thing:

Photo Editing

With Pixeluvo, it is easy to crop, resize, or rotate images. But of course, it doesn’t end there. With merely a few clicks, you can:

  • Fixpoint of view distortion
  • Add a vignette to your photos
  • Quickly paint out blemishes with the Spot-Heal tool
  • Transform the feel of a graphic with the Quick Color filter
  • Add content material or captions to your images

Color Correction

Pixeluvo contains a full selection of color transform filters, letting you quickly transform the appearance of an image.

  • Choose from a range of high quality presets in the Quick Color filter
  • Have complete control with the Curves and Levels filters
  • Adjust the color temperature
  • Adjust the color balance separately for shadows, mid-tones, and highlights
  • A great many other professional color filters

Layers and Masks

Using layers and masks can be an incredibly powerful way to build up complex images non-destructively.

  • Create endless layers and blend them alongside one another using one of the many blending modes
  • Use modification layers to keep color changes editable
  • Content material layers also remain editable; therefore the word, fonts, and styling can be altered at any point
  • Put in a layer mask to any layer to regulate which areas should be visible
  • Create masks from selections and vice versa

Powerful Tools

Pixeluvo includes many powerful tools for editing your images. The Paintbrush tool includes much high-quality brush presets for simulating real marketing, and supports pressure sensitive graphics tablets for better still realism and control. With the various selection tools, you can quickly isolate regions for further editing.

  • Spot-Heal tool
  • Clone tool
  • Filter brush
  • Text tool
  • Warp tool

Modern User-Interface

Pixeluvo’s program has been carefully made to be intuitive, beautiful, and stay out of the right path wherever possible. We feel that you ought to be spending your time and effort making your images look amazing, not wrestling with the user-interface. We’ve tried out hard to make Pixeluvo as simple to operate as you can, while at the same time ensuring it is satisfying to check out.

  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Panels can be hidden when they aren’t needed to permit the maximum room for your images
  • Make the majority of every pixel with full-screen mode
  • Quickly view
  • and move between all start tasks with ‘exposé’ view

Filters and Effects

Pixeluvo contains a broad collection of robust filtration systems and results, from all sorts of blurs and distortion filters to advanced image augmentation and unique painterly results.

  • Turn photography into a lovely drawing with the charcoal and chalk filter
  • Remove noise and jpeg compression artifacts
  • Boost detail
  • Put in a tilt-shift (miniaturize) effect
  • And so many more.

Pixeluvo System Requirements

  • Windows 10, House windows 8, Home windows 7, Ubuntu Linux
  • At least 2GB RAM (4GB recommended)
  • 32 or 64 bit CPU with SSE2 support (64 bit recommended)

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