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Promorepublic Lifetime Deal

Social media tool with custom templates and images so smaller operations can create a big marketing impact.
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Promorepublic Lifetime Deal

Social media management platform with a set of tools to manage multiple social media accounts, create marketing content, schedule it in advance and analyze results of your efforts in one place.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Access 7.5K ready-made templates, 100K images, and an inspiration library for your social media.

Best for: Small businesses, agencies, freelancers, and anyone looking to cut down on time spent crafting and scheduling posts.

Customize images in a flash with an easy-to-use graphics editor.

Make posting easy by scheduling all your content in advance.

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Our Group Discussion

PromoRepublic is a robust social multimedia tool with custom templates and images, so smaller businesses can create a large marketing impact.

With over 7,500 ready-made templates and 100,000 images, PromoRepublic has you covered like the perfect store-bought pie (sorry, Nana) for this office potluck you forgot about.

And even though you’ll be using PromoRepublic’s templates and images, you’ll be one-of-a-kind.

That’s because PromoRepublic has a helpful design editor that lets you customize a huge selection of colors, fonts, and backgrounds, as well as add your company logo.

Although if you’re determined to flex those creative muscles, you can start a blank canvas and start from scratch!

With captivating content tailored to your unique industry, PromoRepublic’s media strategy is anything but generic.

It’s got all you need from health insurance and beauty to fitness to restaurants.

And you’ll never neglect the possibility to connect with your customers when the creative well runs dry.

PromoRepublic helps it be easy to post any day with a Post Ideas Library predicated on all sorts of holidays, historical occasions, movie star bdays (love you, Ryan Gosling), and even more.

Once you know what you want to post, you can timetable your content beforehand by time and occurrence, meaning you will keep your audience engaged even though you’re engaged in another thing.

Plus, enough time Slots feature will let you know the best time, occurrence, and content (fun, engaging, promotional, etc.) for posting.

PromoRepublic then enables you to record how your content is doing across different friendly media programs with helpful stats on reviews, shares, likes, and even more.

Don’t get left out because you’re too busy owning a business to revamp your-and your clients’-social media strategy.

Use PromoRepublic to create quality content quickly and get the most away of social media, all while making the complete process far more laid-back.

Why PromoRepublic?

For Multi-location Brands and Franchisors

Manage social mass media across locations

For Marketing Agencies

Organize workflow while offering multiple clients

For Small Businesses

Automate your public media occurrence hassle-free

PromoRepublic Features

Social Media Calendar

  • Planning – Keep scheduling visual in weekly or month level in a single interface
  • Time slot machine games – Schedule as time passes slot machines suggested by AI for different kinds of content
  • Recycling -Recycle successful content within a year, just preset the repeating period

Content Organizer

  • Storage area – Save drafts and templates to Content Storage area and show them with associates
  • Ideas – Find inspiration in a Library with 100,000 Post Ideas and templates
  • Customization – Customize or localize content to your business suggestions with Graphics Editor

Work Coordinator

  • Workspaces – Organize multiple pages or locations to workspaces
  • Approvals – Get notifications on reviews and approvals
  • Permissions – Manage permissions for team members or clients to post, edit, or add drafts

Local Manager

  • Dashboards – Control performance of multiple locations in dashboards
  • Localization – Create content for local audiences with Localization Tool

Reporting Provider

  • Information – Check engagement rates for each and every post and standard page data
  • Reports – Generate easy-to-digest PDF reports
  • Dashboards – Overview performance of multiple pages or locations in dashboards

Ads Manager

  • Boosting – Boost your content to increase local visibility
  • Campaigns – Create relevant ad campaigns for multiple pages and locations

White Label

Use the social media marketing program that follows your branding. Make clients or locations know it’s your program that provides them with all the current tools they want.

Content Services

Get a group of 20 editable and reusable designs that speak your brand’s voice. Tailored specially for your business by a specialist team.

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What’s included in this deal:

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Get lifetime access for just $49 one-time payment.

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