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ReferralMagic Lifetime Deal

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ReferralMagic Lifetime Deal

In this Referral Magic, we look at this all-in-one referral marketing software that works with any software or SaaS by just inserting couple lines of codes in the script.

You can set up the Referral Magic without any technical knowledge at all.

RefferalMagic also offers all the processes for creating various campaign types, rewards, settings, etc.

You can get even all the data and analytics for any campaigns you create.

ReferralMagic Review, Walk-through and Lifetime Deal Benefits

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In this video, I will be reviewing referral magic.

I will be explaining to you what it is why you will need it, and also, I will be showing you a walkthrough of the entire system.

But remember, I will not be directly integrating with another SAS software because it will be impossible to show it in a video because setting up all this as software integration and also counting the record it will be impossible. Still, I will be explaining how you can set it up, and all the campaign’s everything, but I will be explaining it in this video.

Okay, now let’s get started.

Hi, Alston first thank you so much for checking out this video.

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Okay, now let’s go into first, what is referral marketing?

Referral marketing is where when someone who uses your service or product is so satisfied that he is recommending that your service to another third party and he signs up, signs up or purchase a product or service based on a referral that is what referral marketing usually we can accomplish this by giving some reward or incentive for the person who refers these new customers to you.

The main benefit of referral marketing is you need to remember when a person who already uses your software is becoming a marketer, which means he gives his third party an unauthenticated opinion of him to a positive opinion to your product to another person, which is powerful.

Compared to self-promotion or self recommendation advertisement, you do on your own because whenever we hear experience or positive recommendation for someone else rather than the person’s research recommending themselves, we surely tend to trust them. That is the main idea regarding referral marketing.

Okay, now let me go through the referral magic software and also note that currently in referral magic Islam lifetime deal, just for $49, otherwise, the prize is massive. So if you want to check it out, you can check it out by the link below in the video description it will take directly to the deal page.

Okay, now we are currently in SaaSPirate, our official site for listing all the deals and discounts for software and services.

Click on the Get your lifetime deal, and you will be taken to the official page.

Let me go over the quick functionalities; referral magic offers all these functionalities.

You can directly connect to a SaaS and software, or you can directly connect to a Shopify e-commerce, you can connect to a mobile app, or you can even run multiple referred campaign not just one, you can run different campaigns, the different criteria and options.

They give fully integrated API and features so you can even customize it further rather than using the default ones.

Referral campaign on two options. It is similar to the one I explained where you could choose every option, and you can customize it, and everything is non-technical.

So it’s contextual options, and the main thing is to integrate referral magic with any software you need to use simple JavaScript just as many lines of text I’ll be showing you all this when I walk through the system so you need to insert the line and it will be good to go.

They already have a prebuilt two different designs on referral widget we our customers can grab their unique referral links, which they can in the later state use it to promote other your productivity other visitors and everyone.

They have the customizable invite friend feature we can customize it and also full campaign statistic what is the person take out they are referring what the reward we need to do all this we’ll be showing you multi-domain there is an option where I can collect multiple domains, and also you can manage the record payment and everything is.

It is effortless. And the main thing is just to get started using referral magic. All you need to do is only; first, you need to create a brand new referral campaign and add this JavaScript code in Your website is specific pages as defined.

Mostly you would have seen when you go into a different website in the footer or inside the menu you would say invite a friend, reward program, or affiliate program, you can market it like that, so others will know that you have a referral program.

So when you know that when it’s integrated with the Zapier API, you have integration directly with thousands of other software, and Is that is the way that the main benefit of this platform is we understand the importance of referral marketing. Still, the problem will always be, For example, I am a co-founder of a digital marketing company based out of in Sri Lanka.

The primary purpose is we understand referral marketing, referral marketing power when we want to integrate it into his SaaS customer or software customer. But the problem is integrating and managing and continually updating on this will add a separate cost and also different responsibility.

We want to focus on marketing clients; they want to focus on building this office so we can’t have dedicated times faithful managing the referrals on this.

Now, without further ado, let me go directly inside the dashboard so I can show you guys how everything works. This is a straightforward minimalistic dashboard in full. This is an excellent service which automatically a sophisticated SaaS software because invite referral marketing is not just sending the links we need to track it set up the monitors that you should manage the payout manage the reward, everything is complicated, but the area tried to make it as minimalistic and easy to use dashboard while I was testing it first, they have their referral program. You can see all the different campaigns from here.

These are settings billing layer logout of this option. To get started. First, you need to create a new campaign.

Okay, now you can see if you are a non-technical person, you don’t have any technical knowledge, or if you have a dedicated developer who’s working for your software or manuals with the campaign, you can add his email address here and click on Send an invitation. It will automatically send an invitation to him to hop into this dashboard.

So it won’t impact the website load speed.

If I go to the reports obviously, there won’t be any Now it may go here, so it just I’m showing you what it looks like once you set up okay or overall everything, you will show all the statistics and reports, analytics and everything here.

It will also show the funnel everything all the data will be provided here. This is a reward set up where you can set up what kind of reward you want to give. You can see monetary, or if you wish to offer credits, all these things can be set, and from you can choose the currents in everything.

That’s possible from the rewards setup we just set up is where we allow the other users to get their unique referral link and start promoting your program or service.

The main thing which I liked about this the clear and detailed instructions, this is a sophisticated software.

So you can see how well it is documented for

Here it gives us all the integrations we can do; we can click on any of it, so we get more details on integration. We can use that can see if I want to connect MailChimp or task a MailChimp, and also, it gives us all the useful links to get these things so you can connect the way you want.

I just wanted to go over the dashboard and how easily easy you can set up a referral marketing for your SaaS product.

Setting up a referral marketing is tough. But with software such as referral magic, it becomes a straightforward task to integrate with any such as software.

It is currently on lifetime tail on pitch round for just $49, and they also have a 60 days money-back guarantee on pitch crack to get if you’re not interested in this.

Okay, and also once again, thank you so much for checking out this video.

Have a great day. Bye

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Referrals are very important because when a user of our product who loves it gives a third party recommendation, then it’s very powerful compared to a self recommendation.

But the problem is coding and setting up a referral tracking system, which is difficult since client platform will be different, or it’s simply too much trouble to building a new tracking system and maintaining it with constant updates.

That’s where Referral Magic comes into play because it offers full API access, white-label, and can easily set up with your SaaS using small lines code bits which don’t slow down the website or SaaS application.

It’s effortless to create a referral campaign according to the way we want and reward the user too. The platform also provides an effective referral widget to promote the program through our software dashboard.

They also have integration with other popular services such as MailChimp, lead pages, click funnels, Zapier, stripe, etc.

Overall, referrals will help you to grow your digital product, and Referral Magic will help you set up and run the referral program without any technical knowledge.

ReferralMagic Features

SaaS & Software – Created for rapid integration and optimal referral program building. In merely a few minutes, you can leverage your existing user base.

Shopify Ecommerce – Transform your customers into referral magnets and effectively track all traffic. Offer rewards when a new purchase is made through referral links.

Mobile Apps – Cost-efficiency can be an essential aspect of maintaining the profitability of the app. Instantly turn your software users into referral magnets.

Run Multiple Referral Campaigns – You might have business partners, so you have your visitors. With ReferralMagic, you can set up various referral campaigns that run simultaneously. Each referral campaign your create will produce its conversion funnels, rewards, and referral links.

Fully-Integrated API And Features – Create different referral campaigns for different purposes and referrer groups.

Referral Campaign Options – Choose from one of three available referral campaign types: The Conversion Machine, The Sign-Up Booster, and The Selfie. With ReferralMagic, a referral funnel is built based on the needs you have and relevant and transparent metrics.

Add Javascript – Once you create your campaign, add the Javascript to your website, to begin with.

PREPARED TO Use Referral Widgets – ReferralMagic is a fully-integrated API that is preparing to offer you the most flexible and customizable referral tracking platform. Expect an instant and effortless install that is included with ready-to-use widgets to optimize your experience. Adding ReferralMagic is as easy as adding Google Analytics to your internet site.

Customizable Invite Friend Widgets – ReferralMagic offers three ready-to-use and fully customizable invite friend widgets. You can add these widgets to your website in a moment or use our API to make your implementation.

Real-time Referral Campaign Statistics – Understand how many referral visitors you can your website, just how many of them subscribe and just how many of the upgrades. Access to real-time reports for each and every referral campaign you create.

Multi-Domain Ready – Track your referrals and campaigns on multiple website domains.

Reward Payout Management – Get access to pending reward payouts, filter them, and mark them as processed as you give them away.

How exactly does Referral Magic works?

  • Create your brand-new Referral Campaign
  • Add tracker javascript code to your internet site
  • Use Invite friend widget to anywhere on your website for users to talk about their referral link
  • Inform your users about the referral program and rewards
  • After the campaign is live, track all the statistics live


  • Mailchimp
  • Zapier
  • Recurly
  • LeadPages
  • Wix
  • ClickFunnels
  • Square Space
  • Webhook
  • Stripe
  • 1000+ Integrations via Zapier

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