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Scalenut Review & Lifetime Deal

AI Copywriter & SEO Assistant.
Expired December 28, 2021

Scalenut Review & Lifetime Deal

Any business needs content research and writing. In general, it costs $1k to $5k each month to hire a writer to write 30k words, or you will be spending hours doing the same with your business. Here is where Artificial Intelligence can help you.

It is now easier to improve your content game with this tool without spending more time or money. Rank up your content and SEO using the AI Copywriter & SEO Assistant.

With Scalenut, your business can discover and generate relevant content that fits its needs. Content is created using AI and deep learning.

Scalenut helps you produce content that supports your business objectives in a scalable and simple way.

Read on for our full Scalenut review!

Our Video Review

Scalenut Review: SEO Content Research & AI Writing Software in 2022

Highlights (TL;DR):

Scalenut uses natural language processing, machine learning, and human input to create content.

Its AI Copywriter generates unique copies for social media posts, blogs, websites, etc.

Its SEO Assistant puts together everything you require to generate long-form articles.

Alternate For: Jarvis & SEO Surfer

Advantages of Using Scalenut

  • It uses facts instead of speculation when planning content.
  • Start with one term and get comprehensive reports chock-full of valuable information.
  • Get winning copy and content ideas from AI.
  • Through its knowledge of essential h tags, terms, intent, and readability, SEO Assistant helps you create content that will rank.
  • At the touch of a button, AI Copywriter provides endless content ideas.
  • With the SEO Assistant’s smart editor, ensure everything is in place, from image density and key terms to h tags and pertinent questions.

Scalenut Features

Create SEO-friendly content outlines: Scalenut gives detailed content reports (driven by the industry’s top NLP) from your one targeted keyword that deliver a winning SEO formula each time.

Keep the ideas coming: Discover unlimited content ideas for product descriptions, blogs, email headers, ad copies, blog introductions, and more instantly.

Create long-form content with AI: Scalenut’s AI tool creates long-form content in seconds. Use it to close more deals, boost SEO, and build authority.

Produce high-quality articles: Your writing quality is monitored in real-time with SEO Assistant. You can see what NLP terms you’ve included (and left out), the readability score, the number of words, and many other details.

SEO Assistant

With Scalenut’s SEO Assistant, you can produce content that appeals to both search engines and readers. It’s an end-to-end content writing and research tool that analyzes all the ranking factors and offers actionable insights with live tracking SEO metrics.

Break down content by competition: SEO Assistant grades, examines the length, writing quality, no of H Tags, and no of images used in the best-ranking sites for the target keyword.

Identify primary keywords: Utilizing artificial intelligence and natural language processing, find out what keywords and terms your competitors rank for & how frequently they include the terms in their content.

Understand reader intent: Figure what users are searching for from the queries on Reddit and Quora. Also, access AI-powered questions, themes, and related questions.

Improve the quality of content: The in-built editor grades the content in live and displays competitive intelligence and target keywords in the sidebar.

Writer’s block: Use Write with AI, AI Connectors, AI Operators, and templates to seamlessly create content.

Comprehensive research: Consider AI, NLP-driven 100 plus data points when you are planning the articles, including top customer questions, competition, keyword frequency, backlink data, use of video or images.

Live recommendations: The best time to improve is when you are writing. SEO Assistant reports live on the content’s readability, keyword frequency, plagiarism, and word count.

Quality scoring: Find out your current quality score and its correlation to search engine rankings. Boost the quality score, and you’ll rank higher.

AI Copywriting

Scalenut’s AI Copywriter can create the content you require. Your inputs are understood by the tool, and it generates effective copies for social media posts, blogs, websites, and more.

Keep your articles original: Copywriting with AI Copywriter from Scalenut is plagiarism-free. Powerful and original, in seconds.

Consistent: You’ll never run out of ideas again. With a click of a button, generate as many ideas as you want.

Make writing exciting: Consider experimenting with different voice tones to introduce new sentences and words to your writing.

Powerful AI tech: Using deep learning, Scalenut’s AI copywriter writes like a human. After reading hundreds of billions of words, the tool knows sentences and words.

Simple to export results: Your clipboard can be used to save the top ideas that you would like to use with your preferred editor. They are building integrations with Shopify and WordPress as well.

How to Use Scalenut?

SEO Assistant

  • Input geography and target keyword: Add the primary term you wish to rank for with the target users’ location.
  • Get an in-depth research report: Get an in-depth content research report with powerful insights and entire competitive mapping.
  • Write long-form articles: Utilize the insights to produce long-form content with AI operators, templates, and AI connectors.

AI Copywriter

  • Select content type: Pick from over 20 plus use cases – ad copies, blog posts, blog ideas, and more.
  • Input description & brand: Add your brief description and brand. AI Copywriter will create the content for you.
  • Edit & save: You may edit, save the favorites, and access history whenever you like.

Use Cases

AI Copywriter helps optimize your content and write it intelligently for various use cases based on the user’s requirements.

Website Content

Increase conversions with engaging ideas that capture the essence of your brand. With Scalenut, you’ll have winning content on your website.

AI short-form copies: Use among the most advanced AI Copywriters for product descriptions, blog ideas, blog intros, website copies, and more. All you have to do is input a description, and AI will do the rest.

Automated copy research: Boost on-page SEO using automated copy research. SEO Assistant uses NLP algorithms to help you beat the competition.

AI long-form writing: By using its powerful editor, you can create AI-assisted content quickly. Get images, embed videos, and get live quality grading to your content.

Social Media Content

Using social channels as a growth driver will help you nurture engagement, capture attention, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Scalenut’s GenerateAI, powered by AI, produces various powerful social copies immediately.

Type Brand Name
Type Product Description
Click Generate

Perfect For:

  • Online Businesses
  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Content Creators
  • Startups
  • SEO Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Solopreneurs
  • Agencies
  • Freelancers

Alternate For:

  • Jarvis
  • SEO Surfer
  • Writesonic
  • Rytr
  • Peppertype

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