SocialHP Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

SocialHP Lifetime Deal

Creating, consuming, and sharing content easy and rewarding for your team so you can amplify your reach and accelerate the sales cycle.
Expired September 19, 2019

SocialHP Lifetime Deal

SocialHP lifetime deal which is a tool that makes creating and sharing content easy and rewarding team to increase reach and accelerates the sales cycle.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Simplify social media for your team with pre-approved, ready-to-share posts and a multi-caption, multi-image editor.

Best for: Businesses looking for any easy way for their team to share social media content.

Enable one-click sharing across multiple social media sites.

Gamify the process and reward your top performing team members.

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As promised, SocialHP curates a library of content by using AI to find your Twitter handle, LinkedIn corporate page, Facebook business page, and company blog to start.

You can even load various feeds and content sources, like YouTube, blogs, business reviews, and Google Alerts, for SocialHP to monitor and create ready-to-digest social media posts for your team.

Are you feeling a little more hands-on? Manually add content, then use the multi-caption, multi-image platform to set-up multiple posts for a single link.

With varied captions and images, you’ll not only double or even triple your content-you’ll humanize your brand!

SocialHP keeps content fresh and real for every team member by spreading content across dates and times randomly.

All your team’s posts can look in the drag-and-drop marketing calendar so that as a team leader, you’re able to schedule posts on your team’s behalf.

You can provide your team members the choice to approve assigned posts or go on Autopilot, which is suitable for busy employees who still want to keep a curated social media presence.

SocialHP upgrades your social selling by arming your sales team with the right content to build their brands.

With SocialHP’s powerful reporting and analytics, you’ll always know your very best performing content & most engaged employees.

You could determine your most significant bits of content based on engagement and revenue.

SocialHP also lets you track how often each individual on your team posts and correctly how those posts are being interacted with.

For a bonus, SocialHP has gamified the sharing process with a fully customizable reward system.

Motivate your team by assigning points to clicks, comments, likes, and shares, and reward the best performers (Inform them what they’ve won, Johnny!).

You don’t have to have Kris Jenner’s marketing prowess to control your articles team.

To get the right content to build your team’s brands and accelerate the sales cycle requires just one single tool.

With an agency-ready, out-of-the-box solution, take the task out of social media so your whole team can thrive.

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