SquidHub Project Management Lifetime Deal
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SquidHub Lifetime Deal

Project management and collaboration platform that displays all your team’s tasks, files, and messages in a single page.
Expired February 10, 2020
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SquidHub Lifetime Deal

SquidHub is a collaboration app for people who want clarity, simplicity, a bit of fun and a great way of working together.

Highlights (TL;DR):

See all messages, files, and tasks related to each project in a single screen.

Plug and play: don’t waste time with installations, configurations, and integrations.

Search for anything you need quickly, without even using your mouse.

Best for: Project managers and teams who want a faster and better way to get stuff done.

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SquidHub is a task management and cooperation platform that presents all your team’s responsibilities, files, and emails on one page.

SquidHub turns into you in charge of your projects and enjoying less stress faster than you can reach a ‘Download’ button.

With an all-in-one, single-page UI, SquidHub displays an instantaneous summary of everything for a job in three organized panels, which means that your team stays efficient and on a single page. Literally.

Plus, the search features make it a breeze to find whatever you will need across the 3 panels and Yahoo.

SquidHub optimizes your communication by offering up a note Table for your team to go over the project, making it faster and simpler to answer questions and make decisions.

Plus, SquidHub might take it a step further than your competition with direct messaging and training video calls that run directly in your browser.

Using a shared task list for each and every project, you’ll never have to ponder who’s doing what and when.

Stay organized on the right path by sorting tasks into categories, by the deadline, or in alphabetical order.

Then, hit the calendar view whenever you want to opportunity out what’s happening across all your groups.

SquidHub functions as a central hub for all of your files, anywhere-you will keep your preferred data file sharing service.

That’s right: whether or not you or your clients use Office365, Google Drive, or Dropbox, you may easily talk about and organize your files in the guts Files and Links column.

Plus, show links to websites and create new Google Docs and Sheets without ever leaving the screen.

Collaboration is paramount to profitability.

Keep your eyeball on the ball… and an all-in-one screen that will supercharge your team’s productivity.

Get one central location for your activity lists, announcements, and documents with SquidHub.

SquidHub Features

Easily find your files

You will keep making use of your preferred file sharing service. No matter whether you or your visitors are employing SharePoint/Office365, Yahoo Drive, or Dropbox, you can talk about and organize your data in SquidHub.

Optimize your communication

Can you often finish up with long email threads with your visitors? SquidHub’s team messenger provides a close dialogue, rendering it faster to answer questions and make decisions. The search efficiency makes it super easy to get the relevant information later.

A shared task list

Who is doing what? What’s the deadline? What did we agree upon? Are we on the right track? Don’t waste your time searching through your inbox, assembly minutes, records, or post is – no need to find and discuss how to proceed with your project supervisor. SquidHub’s shared process list offers an excellent summary of your responsibilities and their position for all associates.

One Dashboard

SquidHub is a hub for work and teams. One convenient solution which enables you to structure your articles and projects efficiently. For every team, you have an individual dashboard. It offers a distributed to-do list, file sharing, and a team messenger.

Team Messenger & Direct Messages

The team messenger makes your communication immediately organized – rather than having to try to control an inbox with a variety of internal and external communication across several projects. You can even send immediate one-on-one text messages – without departing your group.

A Central Data file Hub

Easily connect to documents on Office365, SharePoint, Dropbox, Yahoo Drive, Package – or upload files directly to SquidHub. Whichever service you and your customers use, you can undoubtedly share, organize, and find your data files again in SquidHub.

A Shared Task List

A beautiful and simple to-do list with everything you need. Todos, subtasks and portions, deadline and reminders, continuing todos, multiple assignees, notes & attachments.

Web, iPhone, and Android

SquidHub is a cross-platform solution. Everything stays in sync, and that means you can continue where you still left. No matter whether you’re at work or on the road. This makes juggling groups and assignments across several geographies and time areas an absolute breeze.

Guests & Alternative Members

You can invite exterior members to collaborate on your projects rather than trying to control your projects from the inbox. This makes customers, sellers, and partner cooperation faster and much more dynamic.

Powerful Search

The search functionality can be an elegant feature which filters this content across all 3 boards. Search for one word, and you’ll find all related responsibilities, files, and information. Simple, intuitive, and powerful!

Detailed Access Control

As a Premium member, you get more detailed permission control through the Admin, Coordinator, Member, and Guest roles. This allows someone to define who can invite new associates, edit the to-do list, add and delete documents, send text messages, etc.


Get yourself a bird’s eyesight view across your teams and jobs with the calendar. Toggle assignments on/off to see what’s relevant to you. You could sync with Yahoo Calendar (if you like). The Prospect Calendar integration is coming soon.

Video Conferences & Display Sharing

One-click video calls (including screen sharing) is available through our integration with Jitser. No more need for the installation of software or plugins to perform a gathering with your team.

Data stored inside the EU

Your data is stored inside Europe. We provide a secure and reliable solution with backup and 99,9% uptime. Please email us if you want dedicated servers.

Plug and Play

Create an account, and you’re ready to go. No installation needed. No difficult or frustrating integrations to other services. Our users say that SquidHub is easy-to-use and the collaboration program with the flattest learning curve.

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