wpDataTables Lifetime Deal
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wpDataTables Lifetime Deal

A premium plugin that lets you quickly create responsive tables, graphs, and charts for your WordPress pages.
Expired February 10, 2020

wpDataTables Lifetime Deal

wpDataTables is a best-selling WordPress table plugin which makes your work with tables, charts and data management easy.

40,000+ companies and individuals already trust wpDataTables to work with financial, scientific, statistical, commercial and other data.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Build responsive, fully-customizable tables, charts, and graphs for your WordPress posts or pages.

Customize your table with premium features like responsiveness, conditional formatting, multi-criteria filtering, and more.

Edit tables on the front-end and back-end, and give users permission to view or edit table data.

Best for: WordPress site owners that need to showcase comparisons, pricing tables, statistics, or any other data set.

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Creating a table or chart with wpDataTables is similar to 1, 2, 3.

wpDataTables is a reduced plugin that lets you quickly create responsive dining tables, graphs, and charts for your WordPress pages.

Then, you configure the table with advanced functions like responsive design, conditional formatting, and multi-criteria filtering, merely to name a few.

Last but not least, you publish the table on your post or page.

With unlimited customization, no complicated configurations, or coding required, it’s no wonder wpDataTables is among the most exquisite table and chart plugins on the marketplace.

To set-up, your desk, upload files from a preexisting database. wpDataTables aids MySQL query, Yahoo Sheets, PHP array, JSON, and XML type options. Or you can source the data manually.

Once you’re done, put it where you prefer or just backup and paste the shortcode.

Tables made up of the wpDataTables plugin are 100% functional and appearance excellent on any device.

Easily edit desks from both WordPress back-end and front-end and control who can view or edit stand data on the published page.

Only users with permission can access stand data add images, texts, and links. Also, they are the sole ones that can delete, move, or disguise columns and rows.

Tables are great-but if you have a whole lot of data, you might want to get those point across within an even more colorful (read: less boring) way, just like a chart or a graph.

Use wpDataTables’ step-by-step Graph Creation Wizard to set-up responsive, fully-customizable charts with Yahoo Charts, Highcharts, or Graph.js rendering engines. Choose from pie, bar, line, spline, and even more.

Live to edit your graph and preview it in real-time before cutting down and inserting it to your site.

So far as customizing your tables, the advanced functions are nearly endless. From choosing a color scheme to inserting your logo design, wpDataTables lets you do it all, and then some!

You may create and use form-based columns that calculate the sum, average, minimum, and maximum of all values in seconds, with no work on your part. You can even quickly produce a column that presents the calculations from another column’s cell ideals.

Another time-saver: the conditional formatting feature, which enables you to highlight rows, columns quickly, and cells in your desk predicated on specific conditions you collection beforehand.

Given that you’ve got everything where you want it published the stand on your site using standard WP Editor, good ole’ Visual Composer, or Gutemberg stop.

With wpDataTables’ Foreign Key functionality, you can hook up several tables together and steer clear of storing repeated blocks of information.

Because of multiple database support, every desk has a database connection. Signifying, tables can move data from various databases and servers. wpDataTables holds relationships for MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL.

Make dynamic SQL inquiries with placeholders, aka predefined “search and replace” templates that may be substituted with live-data. wpDataTables has 11 types of placeholders.

Having a number of data can be overpowering. Rendering it look nice and fairly doesn’t need to be.

Turn your data into compelling and insightful visuals with wpDataTables.

How exactly to Use wpDataTables?

Provide stand data

Upload your data file, paste a MySQL query, give a URL, or perhaps input the info manually.

Configure if you want

Fine-tune your table – if you want it to be responsive, editable, have conditional formatting, etc.

Publish in a post or page

Once you’re satisfied with the table, add it in a post or page using standard WP Editor or Visual Composer.

wpDataTables Features


WordPress Tables made up of wpDataTables plugin are natively responsive and can be utilized on any device types.

LARGE Tables

wpDataTables works quick with large desks, up to an incredible number of rows. The MySQL server will handle all the operations.

Advanced Filters and Search

wpDataTables gives you to set-up specific filters for your dataset, which is quite a handy way to narrow down the results of your WordPress table quickly.


wpDataTables can be made editable – and WordPress users can edit this content of the WordPress desk inline or in a made form.


With this WordPress tables plugin, it is possible to highlight cells, rows, columns depending on their content – in Excel, this feature is named Conditional Formatting.


Each WordPress table can be utilized as a database for creating WordPress charts. Charts are rendered by 3 powerful engines and can transform in real-time.

Creating desks in WP admin

Creating wpDataTables manually or importing stand data to MySQL database.

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