ZipDrive Discount Deal
Discount Deal

ZipDrive Discount Deal

Turn your computer into a personal cloud for secure remote access.
Expired August 31, 2021
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ZipDrive Discount Deal

With ZipDrive installed on your computers, you can set up your own personal cloud without moving your data to any third party cloud or changing your IT infrastructure.

Browse, stream, edit and share your files, videos, photos, and music from anywhere. The files located on the computers appear as is, with all its file-folder structure intact.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Controlled access: Enable your entire computer or just selective drives/folders for access via ZipDrive.

Share files/folders: Share files or folders from your computer with anyone via a secure share link.

Upload photos/videos via mobile: Upload all the photos & videos from your iOS/Android phones in one click.

Two-step verification: Enter a verification code when signing in to your account for additional security.

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