12min Micro Book Lifetime Deal
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12min Micro Book Lifetime Deal

Expand your mind in under 15 minutes! Power through interesting books on hundreds of topics in just 12 minutes each.
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12min Micro Book Lifetime Deal

12min gives you access to hundreds of micro books in text and narrative form for you to explore. Every month, you’ll get 30 new titles that are designed to be read and digested in just 12 minutes so you can learn on the go.

Search for any book title in the extensive library or suggest new breakdowns to the 12min experts and they’ll add it to the library.

You can choose micro books from many different genres, send them to your Kindle Account, and enjoy reading them even while not having internet access.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Expand your knowledge despite a busy schedule by reading micro books on different topics.

Select a book that you want & the 12min team will synthesize it into a short but comprehensive micro book.

Supports 3 languages – English, Spanish, & Portuguese.

1,800 microbooks in total in 24 categories – from Personal Development to Science & Technology.

Access micro books in text or audio forms.

Read anywhere with or without an internet connection.

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Why will you need 12min?

  • Read anywhere
  • Accelerate your learning
  • Be up-to-date with the latest market trends
  • Have the best ideas close at hand
  • Develop new skills

How does 12min micro book library work?

Step 1

They read the books many times, highlighting and recording everything, searching for key ideas.

Step 2

Their team meets, discusses, and summarizes the most important concepts and ideas.

Step 3

They created a micro book! Synthesized, optimized, and unique so that you can consume in approximately 12 minutes.

What’s the advantage of learning through microbooks?

  • Capture the best ideas from nonfiction books
  • Develop new skills for your personal or professional life
  • Discover new patterns and tendencies, with the best authors
  • Become a coolhunter! Discover what’s going on with your professional area, what’s trending and what you need to learn how to keep up your skills
  • Listen everywhere! Subway, car, or even throughout your morning run. Use this free time to learn!

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What’s included in this deal:

  • All standard deal features

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