BotStar Chatbot Lifetime Deal
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BotStar Chatbot Lifetime Deal

Comprehensive chatbot builder that makes it easy to develop and refine an automated system to tackle queries and generate leads.
Expired March 10, 2020
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BotStar Chatbot Lifetime Deal

BotStar is a comprehensive chatbot builder that makes it easy to develop and refine an automated system to tackle queries and generate leads.

BotStar lifetime deal and a powerful and comprehensive chatbot solution for streamlined customer interactions.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Easily tailor a chatbot to your business needs with an intuitive visual flow designer and 70+ templates.

Incorporate rich features with coding, HTTP calls, and multi-platform integrations, including Facebook Messenger.

Best for: Businesses that want to easily build white-label, rich-feature chatbots that can handle complex conversations.

Use an omnichannel inbox and get a complete toolset for human collaboration.

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BotStar is a thorough chatbot builder that makes it easy to build up and refine an automated system to take on concerns and generate leads.

You’ll overcome 70 ready-to-use templates to get you started with discussion flows genuinely, and you’ll be able to edit the dialogue in the visual stream designer quickly.

This straightforward tool lets you preview your bot while you’re outlining and also includes a built-in content management system to accommodate media-rich content.

Add images, videos, variables, plus more to the conversation with simple drag-and-drop functionality. It doesn’t get easier than this.

BotStar is partnered with Google’s DialogFlow and Facebook’s WIT.AI to give you a super-smart and flexible system that can be trained for better replies and a wider variance of customer inputs.

Plus, it is designed for complex interactions without individuals intervention, all at lightning-fast response rates.

Your customers will be super pleased to skip the chat queue and get the info they need ASAP.

Pick from 4 screen methods: in-content embedment, pop-up, full website landing page, or the classic live-chat.

BotStar also has multilingual support for up to 170 languages right out of the box-essential for companies with international customers.

And with full white-labeling for both front- and back-end, there’s nothing to distract from your branding.

You will see some situations where human interaction is your best option, though (we all desire a little TLC).

That’s why BotStar offers an entire toolset to streamline collaborations between your chatbot and an agent.

An omnichannel inbox puts everyone on the same page, and you could seamlessly integrate with CRM tools like HubSpot, MailChimp, and Facebook Messenger.

The bot can use unlimited tagging to segment the audience into desired support or outreach funnels. Additionally, it may accumulate personal data, orders, and bookings to shorten discussions and prevent customer frustrations.

Inline scripting let us developers build rich features for your bot, like API cell phone calls, complicated on-the-fly calculations, and highly complicated integrations.

It’s the perfect platform for chatbot agencies and pros that are looking maximum flexibility but don’t want to begin from scratch.

Consider the age-old adage: Mo’ customers, mo’ problems.

The more successful your business becomes, the harder it is to keep up with your excellent current and future clients.

So use a super-smart chatbot to get before the game while still supplying everyone the knowledge they deserve.

Why BotStar?

Business Owner

Move and drop to your center content. Everything has been pre-built for you.

Marketing Team

Streamlining new leads and associates into the existing marketing ecosystem.

Freelancers & Agencies

Build, once deploy many, earn massive profit with our adequately designed business model.

BotStar Features

Easy and Faster Builder

Build your fantasy layout with no coding skills and the assistance of BotStar’s Visual Flow Editor – the most effective chatbot editor ever. Create your bot in the blink of an eyeball!

Powerful Chatbot Builder

BotStar V3 incorporates the most recent developments in chatbot building, providing users with the high-class visual editor, fully-fledged ecosystem, and infinite possibilities for integration.

HOOK UP TO 1,000+ Apps

Learn how to connect your bots with your favorite CRM or Google Sheet and many other online services via immediate integration or 3rd party central hubs like Zapier or Integromat.

Integrates Seamlessly TOGETHER WITH YOUR CRM Tools

No business chatbot will do its job alone. That’s why BotStar works wonderfully with these third-party tools – and so many more.

CONCENTRATE ON Generating New Leads & Orders

Just insert your products list into BotStar CMS, watching the booming of incoming orders, and newly made leads.

Focus on And Re-Target

It’s hard to get a customer, but it’s even harder to remain engaged with your visitors!

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